Belated Birthday Dinner

Friday, May 27, 2011

My birthday was last Saturday, but since I live a couple hours away from my family, we celebrated tonight. We went out to dinner with my dad, his girlfriend, my brother and my grandparents. We went to Vera Mae's Bistro, which is, in my opinion, the best restaurant in Muncie, Indiana.

I hadn't been there since I was seventeen (we went before senior prom), but it was every bit as delicious as I remember it. We started out with salads (French onion soup for my dad and brother) and some AMAZING rolls. I ordered the Chicken Brie Raspberry, which is a grilled boneless chicken breast with melted Brie, raspberry reduction and pine nuts. The vegetable of the day was asparagus (my favorite!) and the starch of the day was seasoned roasted potatoes. Everything tasted absolutely amazing. Tom got the New York strip steak, and he said "It was awesome".

After we had eaten, our waiter brought around a tray featuring the desserts of the day, and they were probably the most artfully presented desserts I'd ever actually seen (seriously...they looked like they came off Top Chef or something, especially the carrot cake in a hand-painted white chocolate cup!). My brother and I both ordered the Triple Chocolate Bavarian Cream (pictured above), a layer of light chocolate cake with layers of white, milk and dark chocolate Bavarian cream, topped with a white chocolate decoration (SO good...worth every calorie, but I don't want to know how many calories it was worth...).

So basically, if you're ever in the Muncie area (on your way to Indianapolis, visiting Ball State University, going to the Academy of Model Aeronautics, etc.), go to Vera Mae's for delicious, well-prepared food and friendly, attentive service. You will be SO glad you did.

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