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Monday, May 23, 2011

So Tom and I? Most of the time we eat like crap. We've decided it's time to change that.

We eat way too many processed foods, and I'm trying to cut down how many we consume. I read a tip that a great way to avoid processed foods is to only shop the perimeter of the store since that's where the fresh foods are. It actually wasn't that difficult. I ventured into the aisles for lentils, bottled water for Tom's lunch and some frozen veggies and chicken breasts, but other than that, everything came from the perimeter.

I started in the produce section, because I've always shopped counter-clockwise at the grocery store (I can't really explain it, maybe because I've usually parked on the right side of the store?). Tom's fairly picky about his produce (well, he's picky about all food, really), so I made sure to get some things I knew he'd like, like bananas. A lot of things I got he's going to end up eating; he just doesn't know it yet. I've learned that if I want him to try something new, I can't tell him what's in it until he tries it first.

Some of the foods he's going to be trying this week are lentils, Greek yogurt (which I LOVE), spinach, ground turkey and hummus. I got lots of fresh fruits and veggies, but some (like strawberries and blackberries) are things I like but he doesn't. (Btw, if you're around Lafayette and like strawberries, the Payless by the mall had some GORGEOUS ones on sale).

We're working on weaning Tom off Pepsi. He drinks a LOT of it. He likes juice, but with all the sugar in it, it's not really a whole lot better for you than pop. He's still got most of a case of Pepsi to finish though, so I figure we can worry about that when the time comes. Any suggestions are welcome! I, on the other hand, am trying to drink less sweet tea. The Walmart kind is really good, but it's got quite a bit of sugar as well. I'm thinking about brewing my own unsweetened tea and sweetening it with Truvia or agave nectar, but I think for now I'm going to start by slicing up lemons for the Brita pitcher.

I think we're going to try a healthier kind of taco tomorrow, but I'll let you know how it goes after he tries it :)

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  1. Good for you!! It will make you feel much better eating less processed foods! Andy and I started this about 6 months ago, and I already can tell the difference. The problem with weening off pepsi is the caffeine. It gave me headaches to not have it, so if he can find a less sugary source of caffeine, that will help (but i do NOT recommend sugar free drinks! Aspertame will kill you!) I also think as soon as you start brewing your own tea, you will realize how much less sweet you like it.

    I hope these bits help!

  2. I swear I alredy posted this but I cannot see it. Anyways try sweetening with honey. Better for you and is a natrual appitite supressant.



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