Those Healthier Tacos I Mentioned Yesterday...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well, I made them.

What made them healthier? Instead of the usual ground beef, I used lentils. When they were cooked, I mixed in a little taco seasoning and some salsa. I swapped the usual flour tortillas out for whole wheat tortillas. And the sour cream? Fage 0% plain Greek yogurt. I added the same shredded cheddar cheese we usually use.

The verdict?

Not too bad, from both of us. I asked Tom what he would rate it on a thumb scale, and it was in between thumb to the middle and thumbs up. He said he couldn't really taste the lentils, and that the texture was still slightly too bean-like for his liking. Upon trying them myself, I noticed that the lentils were a bit undercooked. I think they probably would have been better if they were cooked more (although for my first time cooking lentils, they didn't turn out too badly). Tom didn't even notice that it wasn't actually sour cream, though I spread it on the tortilla before adding everything else, since he usually eats tacos that way. He probably would have noticed it more if the yogurt had been globbed on top.

I think we'll try ground turkey next time, since Tom has carnivorous tendencies and wasn't over the moon about the lentils.

All in all, they weren't too bad, and we got to try something new. I encourage all of you to try a new food this week too :)

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