DIY Liquid Soap

Monday, August 22, 2011

I hate bar soap.

I think this goes back to my childhood, when a Dial Gold bar always sat on the edge of the bathroom sink. Over time, it would start to dry out and crack, and it really grossed me out. So when Tom and I got our own place, I opted for liquid soap.

The problem with liquid soap though is that it's more expensive than bar soap. You don't get as much bang for your buck. In this economy, stretching your dollar is important. So you can imagine how excited I was when I came across Savvy Housekeeping's post on turning bar soap into liquid soap. It's so simple, and it'll really help save money! Plus, you'll help the environment by extending the bar soap's life and reusing soap dispensers!

What you'll need-1 cup soap flakes
-10 cups water
-1tbsp glycerin (available at the drug store)

Grate a bar of soap. A regular-sized bar makes about 1 1/2cups, so you can save the excess for later :)

Combine the grated soap, the water and the glycerin together in a pot. Heat on medium-low and stir until the soap is dissolved. It should only take a minute or so.

Let it cool, and funnel it into a soap dispenser.

This makes about 6 bottles worth of soap, so you can store the rest for future use.

There you have it, liquid soap! Easy, no?

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