Day Zero Project

Monday, October 17, 2011

So my friend Nikki at The Shapes of Life inspired me to start the Day Zero Project.  Basically you make a list of 101 things you want to accomplish in 1001 days.  I'm really excited about  it, because I think it will help me really challenge myself and grow as a person.

1. Read 10 non-fiction books
2. Read 10 mysteries
3. Read 10 sci-fi/fantasy books
4. Read 10 classics
5. Read 10 historical fiction books
6. Read 10 young adult books
7. Read 10 chick lit books
8. Read 10 series
9. Finish reading the Bible
10. Try to read The Hobbit (I tried in 8th grade and was so bored that I quit reading on page 63)

House and Home
11. Move to a new city
12. Move into a house (rent or own)
13. Completely switch to all-natural cleaners
14. Do a thorough closet purge
15. Complete a DIY project for each room of the house
16. Pick a color scheme for each room
17. Redecorate at least one room
18. Build a piece of furniture
19. Start a household binder
20. Make a nursery

Food and Cooking
21. Make jam
22. Start canning
23. Make a buche de Noel
24. Perfect my cupcake recipe
25. Make pot roast for my husband
26. Condense all my recipes
27. Make a pie on Pi Day
28. Make a souffle
29. Make something found on Pinterest each month
30. Make birthday cakes for our family

31. Have a baby
32. Make Tom a really great first anniversary present
33. Celebrate Archie's birthday
34. Have family pictures taken
35. Send out Christmas cards
36. Start a family tradition
37. Take SOME sort of vacation with my husband (even if it's just a weekend away)
38. Have a date night at least once a month
39. Get another pet (probably a fish)
40. Start clipping coupons

Arts & Culture
41. Start painting again
42. Watch every Academy Award Best Picture winner that I can find a copy of
43. Listen to a new band/singer every month
44. Watch a complete classic TV series
45. Go to the ballet or opera
46. Visit a new museum
47. Buy a DSLR
48. Go to a concert
49. Learn a song on the piano
50. Have an awards show party

51. Volunteer at an animal shelter
52. Make a donation
53. Plant a garden
54. Meet a neighbor
55. Pay for a stranger's meal
56. Participate in a charity walk
57. Participate in Operation Beautiful
58. Start recycling at home
59. Switch to reusable shopping bags
60. Plant a tree

61. Go back to college
62. Start a photography business
63. Participate in NaNoWriMo
64. Lose at least 30lbs
65. Take a community class on something I find interesting
66. Get a sewing machine
67. Blog at least weekly
68. Sell something I made on Etsy
69. Finish something I knit
70. Wear my hair down for a week

My Own Backyard
71. Go to the state fair
72. Visit three state parks
73. Go to the zoo
74. Visit a city I've never been to
75. Visit five festivals
76. Eat at five new restaurants
77. Go to the casino
78. Visit Lake Michigan
79. Go to Chicago three times
80. Go to Cincinnati at least once

81. Go to a baseball game
82. Go to a football game
83. Go to a pro game (any sport)
84. Go bowling
85. Go mini-golfing

86. Send my friends and family handmade valentines
87. Make an argyle heart wreath
88. Bake a king cake for Mardi Gras
89. Make an Irish meal for St. Patrick's day
90. Have an Easter egg scavenger hunt
91. Cook Easter brunch
92. Make an awesome 4th of July dessert
93. Make a Halloween costume
94. Give out candy to trick-or-treaters
95. Make stockings
96. Give only homemade presents
97. Make an ornament together every year
98. Make a dish for Thanksgiving
99. Make a wreath for every season

100. Write a letter to myself to open in 1001 days
101. Be debt-free

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  1. Love the list! I love The Hobbit. It gets better and I'm glad you're going to try to get past p. 63. The movie comes out sometime next year!

  2. 31. Have a baby
    LOVE that one best. :)

    I need to get on this. I'm so worried that doing #31 will throw it all off.



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