2011 in Review

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well, it's the end of the year. I don't know about you, but 2011 flew by for me. I feel like it barely started, and yet we've reached the very last day. A l0t happened this year, and a lot is going to happen in 2012. Here are my most memorable moments of 2011, as well as my hopes for 2012.


Our great-nephew Avery was born! He's a complete doll, and we just love him to bits. He's such a happy baby.


Tom and I spent our first Valentine's Day together. My friend Dominique had asked me to help her find a dress for our wedding that morning, so Tom and I had planned to spend the evening together. Unfortunately my brother-in-law passed away a few days before, and the funeral ended up being on Valentine's Day. Since I had carpooled with Dominique and her mom, I wasn't able to make it back in time, and Tom left before I got home. He did leave me a surprise though. It says 'Ducks Fly Together'...it's kind of our thing :)


I went home for my little sister Emily's birthday (which also happens to be my friend Hannah's birthday). The best part was that our older sister Don and her family were able to come up from Texas to celebrate with her. I don't get to see them much, so it definitely made my month.


I got to celebrate Easter with my family. Tom, unfortunately, had to work, but I was able to go on my own and spend time with various family members and eat some yummy food :)


We got married. It was kind of a big deal.
I also turned 23, Archie was born (although we didn't know that at the time) and I started this blog!


June wasn't the most exciting month for us, but we did go to the Mosey Down Main Street, a monthly street fair that goes on during the summer here. We went a few times this summer, and it was always enjoyable, especially when we got to spend it with friends. Also, my camera broke, and that really sucked.


We adopted Archie! We love him so much. He is the perfect puppy for us.


In August we first made the decision that we would be moving away from Indiana in the next year. We weren't quite sure where we wanted to move to, just that we wanted to move. We had no idea we would actually be moving into this wonderful opportunity we're being given in Tampa!


I went to Chicago with Hannah and a few girls she knew to see Joe Jonas in concert (Hannah and I had seen the Jonas Brothers several times before, but this was Joe's first tour as a solo artist). And you know what happened? We totally met Joe Jonas. He smelled really nice.
We learned that I was having a hysterical pregnancy. It's been hard to move past, but we're working on it.

I worked my first overnight shift, on Black Friday, nonetheless. It was pretty crazy.

We celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple, my sister came up from Texas again and I survived Christmas in retail (although I don't hope to repeat it!).

Goals for 2012

-post more regularly on the blog
-move to Tampa!
-survive the next two months in retail before we move
-get pregnant
-go to Disney World
-finally get to take our honeymoon
-get a new camera and a sewing machine
-take a deeper walk with God
-meet new people
-develop myself as a person

I wish a safe, happy and blessed new year to all of you! Don't drink and drive!

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