Monday, December 26, 2011

Having to miss out on my big family Christmas gathering at my grandparents' house made me think a lot about tradition this week.

For example, for that celebration, my granny always makes breakfast casserole. This is the first year I can ever remember that I didn't have any. With our impending move, it made me think about whether or not this is a tradition I want to carry on in our family. When it's just Tom and I (and future babies!), will I make breakfast casserole? Will I make something else, and just leave the breakfast casserole as a treat for when we visit Indiana? I'm kind of thinking that's what may end up happening, since Tom doesn't like sausage (he doesn't like much of anything, really. He's very picky), but there's a part of me that just hates to part with traditions.

One tradition I know I fully intend to keep is Christmas Eve jammies. My grandparents always gave my dad, aunt and uncle pajamas on Christmas Eve, and my dad always let us open up our own pajamas on Christmas Eve when we were kids. This is definitely something that I want to pass on to our children, and I hope that they pass it on to their own.

How long do you have to do something before it becomes a tradition? Once? Twice? Five times? Tom and I have started a couple of Christmas Eve traditions in the two Christmases we've spent together: tacos for dinner and playing games. Last year, we played Scrabble Slam (which was in my stocking), and this year we played regular Scrabble (which was in his stocking). The games we play will change as we have kids (obviously we're not going to be playing Scrabble with a three-year-old), but it's something we would like to continue. I think we'll also keep a tradition we started this year as well, which is watching A Muppet Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve (all our traditions have been Christmas Eve traditions, because we've always had to get up early on Christmas to make the drive to my parents' houses).

The whole losing/merging/creating traditions thing is odd to me, but I feel like it's something I need to figure out as I grow as a wife, and later a mother. We're part of a much larger family, but we're our own little family, and we need to be able to forge our family identity. I guess it's just something we'll have to figure out one step at a time.

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