5 Moving Tips For Procrastinators

Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm sure most people will agree...moving? It's not so fun.

As I've mentioned before, we are moving to Florida in March. To help save up some more money for the move, we moved in with Tom's parents this past weekend. It's been quite an adjustment; there are a lot of people in this house (at any given time there are up to eleven people and four dogs here, plus a baby on the way). It's nice to be around everyone though, and we're saving a lot of money by not having to pay so much rent.

So that meant we had to pack up all our stuff and go. I'm a pack rat by nature (just ask my mama...she'll give you an earful on the subject and how I'm slowly turning into my grandma with every passing day) and also a bit of a procrastinator, so moving can be especially annoying to me. We did some good things and some bad things in the moving process, and I've compiled a list of things that I think can help make your move a little easier.

1. Have a plan
This could very well be the best thing you could do for a well-organized move. Yes, you could just leave everything for the last minute and throw it haphazardly into garbage or grocery bags and still get the job done (and yes, we did do a bit of that...I never said I was perfect!), but it will be a lot easier on everyone (and your sanity) if you come up with a plan ahead of time.

Some things to think about:
-What are you going to pack your belongings in?
-When are you going to begin packing?
-Who is going to do the packing?
-Who is going to do the cleaning?

2. Get rid of what you don't need
Tom and I (well, mostly I) got rid of a TON of stuff. There was a lot of stuff we just didn't need, or stuff that we could easily replace for not much money, so we just got rid of it. Goodwill and the dumpster by our apartment both got large donations. I felt really good purging so much unnecessary clutter from my life, and it definitely makes for an easier move. We still have a lot...we're going to go through stuff before we move to Florida to get rid of even more. Our ultimate goal is to only take what we can fit in the back of my Santa Fe.

3. Give yourself more time than you think you need
Okay, forget what I said before. This is probably the best thing you could do. I gave us about two weeks. I figured with all we were getting rid of, that's all we would need. Right?


Majorly wrong.

We should have started so much earlier. We were still cleaning two hours before our subletter came. We should have given ourselves at least a month, if not more. Not only do you need to sort and pack everything, but you still need to clean everything thoroughly on top of that. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, GIVE YOURSELF MORE TIME THAN YOU THINK YOU NEED.

4. Pack what you won't need as early as possible
At the beginning of our packing venture, I had Tom go through his clothes and get out what he would be wearing between then and when we moved. Everything else he was keeping got packed immediately. It made things easier, because we weren't having to put it off, but we weren't having to dig around for clothes either. On the last day, we just threw all the dirty clothes into a laundry basket and did a load of laundry once we got to his parents'. We also packed up most of our kitchen stuff ahead of time and tried to eat things that required minimal preparation and utensils.

5. Pack things by room
I had a tote specifically full of things for the living room (board games, the blu-ray player, a few decorative pieces) and grouped them all together in one tote. I decided that was the only tote of living room stuff we would take, and anything that wouldn't fit, didn't go. Not only did it help us simplify, but when we get to Florida, we're not going to have to dig around through totes to figure out what goes where.

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  1. Great advice thanks! And I triple agree with the "giving yourself more time than you think you need" idea. Moving always seems to take longer than I think it should!

    1. Thanks Erin! Moving can be a major hassle. I'm just hoping to make everything go more smoothly every time we move, until we're a well-oiled moving machine :)



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