I Cast Catching Fire - District 1

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ah, District 1.  The nation's maker of luxury goods.  Were it not for District 1, the citizens of the Capitol wouldn't look nearly as fabulous.  In my head, District 1 is centered in Beverly Hills.  Few places make me think "luxury" like Beverly Hills.  District 1 also churns out career tributes.  Basically, when I think District 1, I think tough and gorgeous.

The District 1 tributes for the 75th Hunger Games are a brother and sister, Gloss and Cashmere.  They won back-to-back games when Katniss was a child.  Considering Katniss is 17 at the time of the 75th games, and she can remember seeing their games on TV, I'm going to guess their games were somewhere around 10-12 years ago.  Since tributes are aged 12-18, that would make them somewhere between 22-30.  It's unlikely that they were young tributes, since 12-year-olds, no matter how well trained, are much smaller than older kids.  So  I'm going to assume they were mid-to-late teens.  That puts their approximate ages more in the  25-30 range (I'm thinking around 28, as they are younger than District 2's Enobaria), so that's what I went with.

Cashmere is described as being classically beautiful with long blonde curls.  The first person who immediately sprang to my mind was Portia de Rossi.

photo from portiaderossifan.com

The only problem with that idea is that Portia (though she looks young!) is almost 40.  Sure, with the right lighting and makeup they could make her look younger, but more than likely, a younger actress will be cast.

With that in mind, a few other actresses crossed my mind, including Evan Rachel Wood and Anna Torv.  After a lot of deliberating and racking my mind, I think I came up with a pretty good choice: Emilie de Ravin.

photo from tvrage.com

She's definitely got dramatic chops (have you SEEN LOST?), and I could see her wielding a knife with ease.  I think she could be an excellent choice.

As for Gloss, Cashmere's brother, I had a slightly harder time with that one.

As siblings, their looks should at least complement one another.  None of my siblings and I particularly look alike, but you can see similarities, such as in the shapes of our faces our the curves of our mouths.  I felt Cashmere and Gloss needed the same kind of similarities.

I came up with a couple of ideas.

I really like the idea of Hayden Christensen.  Yeah, he hasn't done much since the Star Wars prequels, but if those movies taught us anything, it's that he could definitely look at ease slitting someone's throat in the arena.

photo from mtv.com

If for some reason Hayden couldn't or wouldn't take the role, I think Chad Michael Murray might not do a bad job.  True, I've never seen him in survival mode, but he sure is pretty to look at.

photo from eonline.com

So what do you think about my choices?  Sound off in the comments, and let me know who you would cast as Cashmere and Gloss.  Be sure to stay tuned tomorrow when I discuss my choices for District 2's Brutus and Enobaria!

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