I Cast Catching Fire - District 3

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

District 3 is in charge of making electronics, and the Quarter Quell tributes, Beetee and Wiress, live up to that.  They're bright, inventive and a tad socially awkward.  Both are described as being pale with dark hair. They come off as kind of crazy to others, as evidenced by the nicknames Nuts and Volts.

Beetee is said to be an older man with glasses.  "Older" is open to interpretation, of course, but even while reading the book for the first time, I had the same thought: Kevin Spacey.

photo from imdb
Now I realize this probably won't happen.  I mean, he's Kevin Spacey.  But a girl can dream, right?  He just seems so perfect.  Can't you just picture Kevin Spacey with some glasses freaking out over a spool of wire?  I can.

Wiress is described as looking to be around the same age as Katniss's mother, so I'm going to say she's around 40.  She tends not to finish her sentences, although Beetee sometimes finishes them for her.  I think Ally Sheedy would be great in this role.  Yeah, she's a little older than the part calls for (but aren't pretty much all actors anyway?  That's the magic of Hollywood, after all), but she can play a wide range of emotions, and crazy is one she's very good at.

Tomorrow, I discuss District 4, which I have really been looking forward to...I'm so excited to put a face to Finnick Odair!!!

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  1. Ohh Kevin Spacey as Beetee is perfect!! I never thought of him before.
    I can't wait to see who you are thinking for Finnick!



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