I Cast Catching Fire - District 7

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm skipping Districts 5 & 6, because not much is said about them other than the District 6 tributes being moprhling addicts.  I'm also going to skip the District 7's male tribute Blight, for the same reason.  So this post will be focusing on District 7's female tribute, Johanna Mason.

To be honest, not a whole lot is mentioned about Johanna's physical appearance either, but she's such a huge part of the books that you can't not cast her, you know?  It's implied that she's not a whole lot older than Katniss, because her Games weren't that long ago and Katniss compares her to having an older sister who hates you.  It is said that she has spiky hair and brown eyes, and the book shows that she's not shy about being naked.  Spiky hair kind of implies short hair, but hair doesn't necessarily have to be short to be spiky.

Johanna Mason is very sarcastic.  She doesn't have the most positive outlook on life, and she doesn't play well with others.  She's clever and quick-witted, having tricked everyone into thinking she was weak during her Games so they'd weed each other out and leave her to pick off what was left.  Johanna also adds some of the comic relief in the books.  Whoever plays her needs to be able to play a large range of emotions, because there's a lot of depth to the character.

My pick is Mila Kunis.

photo from people.com
She's SO good at being a mean girl, as evidenced by That 70's Show, and Johanna needs to be a mean girl.    Black Swan proves that she can handle more dramatic roles.  Dudes would love to see her naked.  Mostly I can just hear Mila's voice dripping with Johanna's sarcasm.

I'm not sure if I'm going to cast District 8's Woof and Cecilia since they're hardly mentioned.  If I don't, the next district I do will be District 11's Chaff and Seeder.

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