I Cast Catching Fire - Twill & Bonnie

Monday, April 30, 2012

Twill and Bonnie are refugees from District 8 that Katniss finds in the cabin in the woods.  They are trying to find District 13, and, in that sense, are pretty heavily involved in Katniss's desire for revolution.  Not much is said about their physical appearances, except that they both have brown eyes and Bonnie has a birthmark.  Twill is said to be about 35, and Bonnie is around Katniss's age.

There was a lot of freedom with these characters, so I chose actors I thought could help diversify the cast a bit.  For Twill, I choose Lucy Liu.  For Bonnie, I choose Selena Gomez.

photo from people.com

Lucy Liu has proven that she has range and that she can play tough characters.  I think Twill and Bonnie, sneaking half way across the country, have to be tough.  

Selena Gomez is actually a pretty decent actress, and she has a HUGE fan base that could help pull in more viewers.  I think she'd add a bit of hopeful whimsy to the character.
photo from Access Hollywood

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  1. no. i think the person playing twill should be a little overweight and stressed from being a teacher in a high stress place. not due to food lackage skinny, but because in reality it only makes sense she would be heavier due to stress, which adds weight to stomache, strength like a big momma type

    1. I can definitely see where you're coming from. The thought never occurred to me. All I could think was malnourishment.



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