Fabulous Dressy Flats

Monday, May 21, 2012

I love high-heeled shoes.  I think they're so pretty and feminine.

The problem is, I don't do so well in heels.  So I wear flats.

A lot of people don't think flats can be as cute and glam as heels, so I've rounded up five pairs that I think are just as fabulous as heels.

5 Fabulous Dressy Flats

These are so pretty.  I love the color, and the jeweled embellishments take it up a notch from cute to classy.  They'd pair well with jeans to dress it up, or with a cocktail dress.  Flats are just so versatile!

2.) Sequined Floral Flats - $19.80 - Forever 21

These are just so adorable.  While I'm usually not a fan of floral clothing, I love floral shoes.  These are just so great for spring and summer, because they're light and fresh and colorful, yet the sequins add a major dose of glitz.

These are gorgeous.  Lace is one of my absolute favorite fabrics, so I was immediately drawn to these shoes.  They're pretty, glamorous and sexy without being over-the-top.

There's a lot going on with this shoe, but I think it's a lot of awesome.  The upper is done in snake print, which adds a bit of glam.  The toe and back are covered in stud embellishments, which add an edge.  There's also a little bow for a touch of sweetness. This shoe has many facets to its personality, much like a woman.

5.) Matte Satin Bow Flats - $19.50 - Charlotte Russe
These are simple and classic; they're the kind of shoes you can throw on when you're not sure what shoes to wear.  The bow is sweet, the champagne color goes with almost anything, and you can't beat the price!

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