Four-Way Tug Toy Tutorial

Friday, May 18, 2012

Today I am happy to introduce Furbaby Friday!  It's basically a place I can show off Archie and things related to him.  

Since my little guy is going to be one (1!) a week from tomorrow, I've been trying to make him some toys.  I had this fat quarter lying around and decided he needed a toy made from it.

I figured it would make a good tug toy, so I began to cut it into strips.  I didn't bother measuring, I just kept folding it in half, cutting it, folding each half in half, cutting it, etc.  I ended up with sixteen strips.  I used pinking shears to cut the fabric to minimize fraying.

my pile of strips
I had originally planned on making one big, braided tug toy, but I had a LOT of trouble tying a knot with all sixteen strips of fabric, so I split it up into two piles of eight each.  To begin with, I stacked one pile together neatly and knotted one end, leaving a little fabric on the other side of the knot.

I then braided the strips together (gathering them in 2-3-2 bunches) and knotted the other end, leaving me with one little braided tug toy.

I then repeated with the other bunch, but I stopped braiding halfway down.  I tucked a couple of the loose strip ends through the middle of the  completely braided toy, while tucking the completely braided one between the loose strips.  Hopefully this makes some sort of sense.

Then braid the rest of the loose strips and knot the ends.  This will leave you with a cross-shaped tug toy that has not two, but FOUR ends.  That way, if your dog is like Archie and acts like he wants you to have the toy but then jerks it away, you have a better chance of grabbing it.

No pictures of it in action yet because I'm saving it for his birthday :)

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