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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's not Slim Shady, it's Style Watch Wednesday!

SWW will be a little different this time around though.  Instead of trying to replicate celebrity outfits, it will just be dedicated to outfits in general (although I may still try to replicate some...celebs have some awesome clothes!)

Since my birthday is within the next week, I decided to kick things off with a cute birthday look :)

I really liked the purple color of this dress, and it has a cool lace back (and I'm in love with the silhouette!).  I love the look of nude heels (although I personally couldn't wear these...I have so much trouble wearing heels!).  I thought the cupcake necklace added a touch of birthday to the outfit, and I love the sequins on the clutch (I'm like a raccoon...I like heavy eyeliner and shiny things).

birthday outfit

In Good Grape Dress - $44.99 - Modcloth

Rhinestone Cupcake Necklace - $5 - Aeropostale

Chinese Laundry Whistle in Nude - $69 - Macy's

Xhileration Sequin Clutch in Pewter - $16.99 - Target

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