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Monday, May 28, 2012

So as I'm sure you all know by now, I'm kind of a Pinterest addict.  I follow several awesome pinners (some that I know in real life, some I know from the internet, and some I don't know at all), and I wanted to share some of them with you.  Some of these pinners could definitely top other categories as well, but I tried to spread the love and only nominate someone for one category.

Best Adorable Animal Pins - Lauren & Lindsay

Best Baby Shower Pins - Chaunte' & Katie

Best Beauty Pins - Gianna & Becca

Best Cocktail Pins - Jody & Kira

Best Dessert Pins - Cynthia & Kristen

Best DIY For Baby-Related Items - Crafts For Lily & Sarah

Best DIY For The Home - Jess & Amy

Best DIY You Can Wear - Ellen for women & Chancie for children

Best Health & Fitness Pins - Mallory & Done Different

Best Holiday Pins - Kalyn & Cindy

Best Home Decor Pins - Marisa & Cassandra

Best Homemade Costume and Toy Pins - Melissa & Prudent Baby

Best Humor Pins - Chela & Kate

Best Inspirational Quote Pins -Alycia & Breanna

Best Kid Pins - TheGoodWife & Brandi

Best Organization Pins - Ryan & Amanda C

Best Party Pins - Amanda H & Valeria

Best Photography Pins - Gerri & Dreama

Best Savory Pins - Amy & Stephanie

Best Style Pins - Purlygirl & Kelley

Best Teaching Pins - JJ & Natalie

Best Travel Pins - Hannah & Pam

Best Wedding Pins - Lydia & Natasha

If you like these pinners and would like to see more of what makes them tick, check them out here:

Gianna blogs at Suivez Votre Coeur

Becca blogs at Subtle Like A Tank

Kira blogs at Smiley Salamanders

Kristen used to blog at Foodtopia 

Crafts For Lily blogs at Crafts For Lily

Jess blogs at Life, Happily Ever After

Marisa blogs at Northern Kentucky Newlyweds

Jaime & Jacinda of Prudent Baby blog at Prudent Baby

Chela blogs at Botanical Reflections 2.0

Alycia blogs at Miss Popular and also owns Puzzle Piece Photography, based out of Washington and Utah

Breanna blogs at Counting Blessings

TheGoodWife blogs at The Good Wife

Gerri owns Studio 950 Photography, based out of Indiana

Dreama owns Dreamalittle Photography, based out of Virginia

Natalie blogs at Snob On A Budget

Hannah blogs at Just Call Me HaHa

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