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Friday, May 04, 2012

So, you know how I've been busy and not really posting much?

It's because I decided to start my own business.

After we ended up not moving, we were kind of at a crossroads career-wise.  Did we want to go back to jobs we hated, or did we want to try to make it doing things we enjoyed?  We chose the latter.

So, although it's been kind of terrifying, I have opened an Etsy shop called Briarlea.  I only have a couple of things in there right now (I got a little sidetracked making some wrestling gear for a few weeks), but the inventory will be expanding soon.  (Admittedly, the photos I used could use a little work, and definitely need some better staging, but I'm working with what I have at the moment).  It's going to be mostly tutus, pillowcase dresses and hair accessories.

my first listing :)

Like I said, it's definitely been a little scary.  I have a massive fear of failure, and the idea of doing all of this and it tanking is always in the back of my head.  But I'll never know if I don't even try, so I want to really give it my all and try to make it work.  If people don't like what I make, that's okay.  Not everyone will.  But I think that someone will, and that is enough reason to try (and sewing is definitely a lot more fun for me than working retail was).

After the shop gets off the ground, I'd like to expand.  Eventually I'd like to also sell baby items (blankets, burp cloths, etc.) and housewares (etched glasses, decorative signs, etc.).

So I hope you'll bear with me as I begin this new endeavor, and I appreciate all your support over the past year (it really has almost been a year since I started this blog...pretty crazy, huh?)

You can find my shop by clicking the 'shop' button over in my fancy new networking menu over here on the top left, and Good Girl Gone Wife is now on Google+, bloglovin' and hellocotton as well!

You can like the shop on Facebook follow the shop on twitter (@briarleadesigns)

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  1. ooh!! How exciting! I will go check it out!

  2. Awesome! I don't have any little girls to buy for, but I know your stuff is going to be adorable, and starting your own business is exciting. :)

  3. That's great! Good luck! I was watching a The Nate Berkus show today or yesterday and there was a segment on photographing items. I think I found it here> btw, this isn't some ad for the show I'm a May'11 knottie.



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