My Plea To Bloggers Everywhere

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I almost shared this on my personal Facebook page a few days ago, but I thought it might be better to do it here since it's blog-related.

For the love of Gumby, please disable comment verification.

Captchas are becoming increasingly difficult to read.  There is nothing more annoying than trying to post a comment, then having to refresh the captcha several times to find a discernible one, except entering in what you think is the proper captcha, only to be told that you entered it incorrectly, thus repeating the cycle.

Honestly, requiring captcha verification really makes me not want to comment on your blog.  I'll often do it anyway (I'm trying to get my blog out there, after all), but it's really annoying.  REALLY annoying.

I do not have comment verification set up on my blog.  I don't even have it set up to where I have to approve it first.

Of the 120+ comments on my blog, would you like to know how many of them have been from spam bots?




So if you're worried you'll be bombarded by spam, you probably shouldn't be, especially if your blog (like mine) is on the smaller end of the blog spectrum.  If your blog is Young House Love big, then it's a little more understandable, but even John and Sherry prefer to scan each comment individually rather than make us deal with captchas.

Please note that this post is not directed at anyone in applies to several blogs I've visited and even more that I haven't, I'm sure.  It's an unfortunate epidemic.

So please, be kind.  Disable the captchas!

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  1. I have captcha but I was getting a REDICULOUS amount of spam. It might be a wOrdpress thing

  2. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! I enjoy looking through everyone's blog and photos... but get so irritated with all of these word verifications!! GRRRRRR

    1. I know, right? It's like a hurdle I'm too lazy to jump.

  3. It is a WordPress thing. When I admin'ed a medium sized local blog most of my time was spent deleting spam related things.

    1. That's weird. You'd think they'd try to do something about it.

  4. Haha, I love this! I hate the captcha things on blogs, too.

  5. I looked it up, and apparently WordPress doesn't have the option for captcha. Maybe it did at one point, but since I started my blog, at least, it's had a spam filter that filters out the spammers so no need for a captcha - it's not even an option in the settings.

    1. I had to get a plug in for it. I use tho. I am really considering switching back to blogger with my same domain, and this is one of my arguments.

    2. I'm glad you don't have to deal with it :)

      Good luck with your decision Jess!



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