Scavenger Hunt Sunday - June 10, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Linking up with Ashley, of course :)


Tom and I were in a wedding in Indy this weekend.  During the festivities, I ended up attending the bachelor party (that's a long story).  Several...odd...things happened at the party (but a little more about that in a minute), but the night ended with a nice, relaxing bonfire.  I was going to use a picture of my suitcase (though it's a little obvious), but I loved this picture so much that I couldn't help but use it.


Many of the things that happened at the bachelor party were silly (well, some might say silly...most might say downright stupid).  One of these stupid "silly" things that happened was a couple of the guys setting their hands on fire (don't ask...and DON'T try this at home).  They were trying to do a three-way high five with flaming hands.  Boys...

Black and White

So this is an older picture (from March, to be exact), but it hasn't been on the blog, so it's new to you guys!).  In the couple weeks before we were supposed to move to Florida, we had our "farewell tour" where we spent time with friends and family.  One of our stops was a lunch at Red Robin with our friends.  My friend Bethany (she just started a craft blog that you should check out!) and I split dessert (Mountain High Mudd Pie...SO good!), and I took a pic of some of the last melting bits of chocolate ice cream.


A few years ago (for my birthday, I think, though it could have been Christmas), my mama gave me a cozy throw blanket covered in rainbow-colored spots.  It's one of my favorite things to snuggle with.


I have terrible allergies and am prone to sinus issues (and fits of weepiness...everthing makes me cry), so I always keep tissues next to my bed.

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  1. okay so the fire photo is cool if not a bit scary!

    1. My friend Michael had just thrown some more kindling on it, so it sent up some extra sparks. I was able to capture it at just the right time so that it ended up looking more like a big pillar of fire. It's definitely my favorite pic this week!

  2. Nice set. I liked your Travel and Spots shots the most.
    What a "crazy" thing to set your hands on fire, silly?-Weird YES!

  3. The picture of the fire is great! Good interpretation of travel :)

  4. Replies
    1. They definitely enjoyed themselves. It wasn't the first time they'd done it, either. I imagine I probably would have done it too if I had been drinking, lol.



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