Fun at the Fair

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm sorry there wasn't a Tutorial Tuesday post this week.  I didn't have one written ahead of time, and we spent the day with my parents.  I know I've really been slacking on tutorials lately, and I'm sorry about that.  I'm going to try to do better!

I don't know about where you live, but here in Indiana, fair season is getting into full swing.  I've always loved the fair -- the lights, the sounds, the smells; there's just something about sharing an elephant ear with someone you care about in the glow of the carousel.  This week's outfit (I think) reflects the breezy, whimsical feel of the fair.

Fun at the Fair

Converse One Star Detailed Tank - $19.99 - Target
Fairs are generally outdoor ordeals, and they're normally held in July and August, aka the hottest parts of summer.  With that in mind, I thought a white top would be perfect.  This top is thin and breezy to help keep you cool, but still totally adorable (I love the detail on the racerback!).

Printed Tie-Belt Shorts - $20 - Old Navy
Printed shorts are, to quote some girls I know, 'totes adorbs'.  This print feels both classic and somewhat exotic (to me, anyway -- I could be crazy.  It's okay if you think I am).  I'm a complete sucker for things you can tie, so the belt was an addition I really liked.

Anzac T Strap Jelly - $11.90 - A'GACI
If there's one place I love to add a pop of color, it's in shoes.  I am in love with brightly colored shoes.  I'm also digging the resurgence of jelly shoes, having had a few pairs that I adored as a child.  It's important to have comfortable shoes at the fair, since there's walking involved.  In my hometown, you don't wear nice shoes to the fair, because it always rains during fair week without fail (except maybe this year, during this never-ending drought, but I didn't get to go this year and don't know for sure), so they throw down hay to soak it up. Then you're just walking around in a big, muddy pile of hay.  So cute shoes aren't for every fair, just fairs in general.

Mustache Charm Necklace - $2.80 - Forever 21
I love fun necklaces, and you can't beat the price on this one!  It's just a fun necklace, and fun is what the fair is all about :)

You may notice I didn't include a purse this week. I don't like taking a purse to the fair.  It's not practical if you want to go on rides, and it gets annoying even if you don't ride anything.  Pockets are good, or those money holders on a necklace you hide in your shirt.

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