The Look For Less: Nina Dobrev

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I decided this week I'd go back to Style Watch Wednesday's roots -- getting you the look for less!

I'm loving this outfit Nina Dobrev is wearing.  So cute, right?

As you know, celebs tend to wear a lot of high-end labels.  High-end labels that girls like me (and at least some of you) can't afford.  So how can we get a similar look for less?  I'll show you.

The Look For Less - Nina Dobrev

ELLE Floral Empire Mesh Maxi Dress - $40.80 - Kohl's
I really loved this dress for this outfit, but I didn't want to use a dress that expensive.  I would have preferred to use a cheaper dress than this one, but it was the best somewhat-similar dress I could find.  Obviously it's not a peacock print like Nina's, and it's not a v-neck, but it is a predominantly blue, multicolored, printed maxi dress that's cute and would pair well with black accessories.

Mossimo Supply Co. Boyfriend Cardigan - $15 - Target
Boyfriend cardigans (I like to think of them as old man cardigans) are super comfy cozy.  I love the deep pockets -- you can fit a lot of stuff in one of those babies :)

Women's New Classic Flip-Flops - $3.94 - Old Navy
Nina's are more a beige-y champagne color, but I thought white would complement the dress better (plus, Old Navy didn't really have any flip-flops that color, and everyone knows they have the cheapest flip-flops!).  Old Navy flip-flops are a classic -- cute, comfortable, AND you can wash them in the dishwasher!

Woven Elastic Belt - $6.80 - Forever 21
It's seems to be thicker than Nina's, but it will do the job (not to mention it's a steal!)

Relic Erica Cross-Body Handbag - $32.40 - Kohl's
It's not quite as fancy as Nina's Linea Pelle bag, but it does have external pockets and exposed zippers.  It evokes the same kind of casual breeziness as the more expensive bag (well, as casually breezy as a black bag can be).  I'm more of a silver girl than a gold gal anyway (well, unless it's white gold).

I think this outfit would be great for strolling around town.  It looks so comfortable.  I'm all about the comfort.

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