How To: Make Apple Chips

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My father-in-law was recently diagnosed with diabetes.  With that in mind, I've been trying to come up with some yummy, healthy snacks he can enjoy.  We had a bag of apples lying around that needed to be used soon, so I figured what could be easier than apple chips? (Really, there are few things easier to make than these -- you could completely forget about them for hours and still be okay).

All you need are apples (and cinnamon, if you want.  I wanted -- it's yummy, and it helps stabilize blood sugar, which is great for a diabetic).

See?  This is already an easy snack, and we haven't even gotten past the ingredients yet.

This recipe uses the oven, since I don't have a dehydrator.  If you have a dehydrator, you can use that instead.  If you're using an oven, preheat it to 225 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you're using a dehydrator, well, I don't know how to use one (let alone your particular model), so you're on your own.

First, you need to peel the apples.  If you have a fancy peeler, awesome.  I don't, so I used a paring knife.

Coring the apples is optional.  Not coring them gives you more chip, but they take longer to cook.  It's up to you.  I didn't core mine (but I did remove the seeds and stems, of course).  When you're done, you should have some peeled, possibly cored apples.

Please excuse the slight browning -- it took me awhile to peel all of them, and I kept getting distracted because I was watching Dallas.
Once your apples are peeled (and maybe cored), cut your apples into slices.  This is easier with a mandolin, but again, I don't have one, so I used the same paring knife.  My slices ended up a little thicker than most, but it just means a little extra baking time.  Put them on a baking sheet (I lined mine with foil, but you don't have to).

Now's the time to sprinkle on some cinnamon, if you desire.

Bake for 2-3 hours, or until the edges start to curl up.  Flip them over after an hour in the oven.  It helps to keep the oven door cracked a bit as well, to let the moisture out. When they're done, you'll have some nice, crispy apple chips!  (A couple of my thicker ones weren't quite as crispy, and were a bit chewy in the middle, but I liked it -- they tasted like baked apples).

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  1. We always end up throwing away apples, and now we won't! I am very excited to try this. So easy :)

    1. It really was! I've been trying to come up with things to make with fruit that's just about to go bad. I have a strawberry recipe to share sometime too :)

  2. Oo, I've wanted to try this and these look delicious. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  3. Now this has to be healthier than the bagel chips I had earlier. :D Thanks for sharing your yummy temptation on BeColorful this week.



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