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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Yesterday, I was offered a job at a ministry preschool.

It's an academic preschool with four different classes: a two-year-old class, a three and four-year-old class, a pre-K class and a class called Play Time, which is a less structured, more playgroup-type class for ages 6 1/2 weeks to 5 years.  I interviewed for to co-teach  the 3&4 class.

I got a call yesterday from the director.  She asked if I would be the lead teacher and coordinator for the Play Time class.  She needs someone to completely overhaul the program, and make it more hands-on and involved, and she thinks I would be the perfect person to do it.

The preschool I previously taught at didn't have any kids under 1, and classes were all separated by age, so this mixed class will definitely be a new challenge for me. I'm a little nervous, but I'm really excited.  Don't be surprised if some classroom/lesson plan/teaching posts pop up in the future.

On top of that, Tom and I put in an application on a rental today.  We looked at a few places today (everything from a traditional apartment complex to a loft apartment in a multi-unit house), but ultimately decided upon an upstairs unit in a two-unit house (duplex always conjures up a different image for me, which is why I didn't say duplex).

We had originally not wanted an upstairs unit.  Archie isn't overly fond of stairs, and we figured it would be a lot easier to let him out if all we had to do was walk out the door.  We almost went with a unit like that (it was the opposite of this setup, actually -- we would have had all of the first floor of a house, and the upstairs was a separate unit), but decided to look at this one just to be sure.

Boy, are we glad we did.

It's only 700 square feet, but it feels so much bigger than that.  It's in an older house in a historic area, which we like.  We're a big fan of homes with character.  The apartment complex we looked at was really nice -- a lot nicer than our last place -- but as Tom put it, "it feels like they're like, 'Okay, here's the box to store your body.'"  We're not really cookie-cutter people, so a cookie-cutter place doesn't really feel very "us", you know?  Plus, it's on the edge of downtown, so it's a lot closer to my new job :)

But anyway, this place has hardwood floors, which I love.  They're so much better than carpet, both in looks and care.  There are a ton of windows everywhere.  They let in so much light, and I think that's what makes it feel so much bigger.  It's technically a two bedroom, but the second bedroom is pretty small.  We'd probably use it as an office/craft room, and maybe fit in a bed for guests if there's room.  The kitchen has a chalk wall, which is super fun (and a dishwasher, which is great, because doing dishes is my least favorite chore).

The bedroom has a laundry room right off of it, which is awesome.  I like not having to traipse around the house with the laundry, and I LOVE that it has a washer and dryer (scrounging for quarters to use a machine that breaks constantly and washing my clothes in the bathtub are NOT things I'd like to repeat).  It even has a little balcony off the back and a fun little cubbyhole in the hall that would be a great place to put Archie's stuff (although Tom says he wants to use it to hide in and scare people).

So we're keeping our fingers crossed that we're approved, but trying not to count our chickens yet.  I'll definitely keep you guys posted :)

A few pictures: (these were taken by the management company)

the foyer -- we'd have our own entrance (and address)
the living room
the kitchen (that's the chalk wall behind the cabinets)
the master bedroom and laundry room

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  1. This is so awesome! The job and the new place, it all sounds so exciting! I'm happy for you. :D You will have to blog all about how you decorate it.

  2. That place is gorgeous!! I am super excited about the job and I will say a few prayers about that awesome apartment too!!



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