I'm Beginning To Think A Lot About Christmas...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

(and yeah, I was totally singing that to the tune of "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas."  What can I say? I'm a sucker for Christmas.)

Also, I realize it's a bit early to be talking about Christmas (Halloween hasn't even happened yet, after all).  I'm trying to get a head start on things because a lot of things will be homemade, and that means I need time.

So yesterday, I went to Hobby Lobby with Tom and our friend Michael.  Michael and I looked at all the Christmas stuff, and it made me SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS!!!  I think he was a little embarrassed to be seen with me at a few points, because I kept jumping up and down while clapping excitedly and squealing.  Yeah, I'm that girl.

It really made me think though.

We're getting a new tree this year.  Our old tree was a simple little thing we had picked up for like $20 a couple of years ago, and we donated it when we moved out of our apartment.  The plan has been to get a fuller, pre-lit (with clear lights) tree this year (I LOVE real trees, but I've heard way too many stories about hidden spider nests to ever get one).  So now I'm thinking about what I want my Christmas "theme" to be.

I know to some of you, a theme might sound ridiculous.  "Christmas doesn't need a theme, you dolt," you may say.  But hear me out here.  I'm not really thinking of a theme like "everything on the tree has to be an angel" (my stepmom threw out most of our ornaments one year in order to make an angel tree and I hated it).  We'll still have lots of different ornaments (we get a special new one every year).  I guess I'm thinking more along the lines of overall color scheme/feel.  I'm torn between a few ideas, and they all feel me (Tom doesn't really care how I decorate as long as he gets his Christmas Eve tacos).

Idea #1 - Rustic Elegance

I'm thinking ivory, light blue, gold and burlap.  Burlap stockings with blue or ivory trim, tulle and burlap garlands, soft lighting, lots of cinnamon, soft textures, etc.

Kind of like this.  I'm not sure where the pic is originally from, but I found it at thequeencitystyle.com
Idea #2 - Bright and Colorful

Hot pink, lime green, purple, and aqua.  We already have some ornaments in this scheme.

Like this (our first Christmas together) but on crack.  A lot more saturation.
Idea #3 - Pretty Primary

Basic colors, like green, blue, yellow, and a little red (but not a lot, because I don't really like red).  Fun prints.

Love the chevron! Pic from babble.
I'm just incredibly indecisive.  If we had a bigger house, I'd do all of them in different rooms.  But I don't, so we're doing one tree.  Which idea do you guys like best?

CALLING ALL BLOGGERS!!!  My friend Jess from Life, Happily Ever After and I are cohosting a Christmas blog series.  If you'd like to cohost as well, email me at goodgirlgonewife@gmail.com.  We're really excited about this, and we'd love to add other bloggers!!!

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  1. I like the "rustic elegance" one the best! It's totally something I would do in our house.
    I LOVE Christmas, and I can't wait to decorate everything!

    1. I know, right? I hate having to wait until an appropriate time to decorate!

  2. I love the primary pretty. Its classic and bright and fun :)

    1. That's what I like about it. It's just so hard to decide!

  3. It's not too early to get excited about Christmas... I have the majority of my Christmas shopping done but I'm waiting until after Halloween to think about decorations and stuff. :)

    1. It's not even October and I'm feeling behind, lol!



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