31 Days to Surviving NaNoWriMo - Give Yourself A Break

Friday, October 05, 2012

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NaNo can be extremely stressful.  You feel pressure to meet word counts, pressure to keep writing, pressure to make it good...just pressure.  And that's normal.

My advice?

When it all starts to seem overwhelming, take a step back.  Stop what you're doing and take a break.

If you're already at your wit's end and you try to force your brain to work, it's not going to be pretty.  So take a little bit of time to clear your head before you try to tackle anything any further.

Take a walk, have a snack, watch some TV, listen to some music, snuggle with your significant other or a furry friend.  Whatever calms you down, DO IT!  Sometimes whatever you're struggling with will resolve itself while you're de-stressing.

Clearing your mind lets fresh ideas come through!

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