31 Days to Surviving NaNoWriMo - Know When To Throw In The Towel

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So sometimes, quitting is the best thing you can do.  For example, if you're so stressed out and focused on your novel that you're about to lose your job, significant other, or home (you know, because you forgot to pay your bills or something), it might be a good idea to stop.

In that same vein, this series is coming to an end today.  Yes, there's only a  week left, but hear me out.  This series, as much as I love NaNo, has been stressful.  It's not really getting any hits (maybe 20, on a good day), it's getting really hard to come up with topics (as you can likely tell from the past week or so), I've been ignoring PLB (it deserves more attention than it's been getting), and I feel like I'm putting out less-than-mediocre work just for the sake of saying I did, and I that's not what I want.  

Considering I heard about this whole 31 days thing (and decided to do it) mere hours before October 1, I think I gave a pretty valiant effort.  I'd love to do this again next year when I have adequate time to prepare posts and ideas.

If you're doing NaNo, best of luck to you; see you in December!

If you're not, but you've trudged through these posts anyway, bless your dear little heart.  I'm hoping to have much more interesting content for you from now on.

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