31 Days to Surviving NaNoWriMo - Worldbuilding: Building A Culture

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Culture is a huge part of worldbuilding.  The culture of your world (and the local cultures) will obviously have a major impact on how your characters live and act.  There are some things you really need to consider when creating a culture. (Keep in mind these are just a few things...you should definitely feel free to elaborate!)

Class Differences
How obvious are class differences in your world?  Do the classes wear different fabrics?  Eat different foods?  Do they live in different areas?

What is the local economy like?  What are the major local trades?  What kind of currency do people use?  How does the economy affect your world?

What does a normal meal look like?  Are meals taken together?  What foods are frequently eaten/grown?  Are there certain foods that are reserved for special occasions?

Gender Differences and the Family Unit
Are men and women treated differently?  Do they have different career expectations?  What does a normal family look like?  Is marriage important in your society?  What courtship rituals are there?  Are there certain things couples most go through in order to become a family?

How do people greet one another?  Does class difference or seniority have any effect on how people greet one another?  Do different groups have different greetings?

How does religion figure into your world?  Is there one religion, multiple religions, or no religion at all?  Does religion play a major role in the lives of your people?  How does religion influence daily life?

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