Halloween for Grownups

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween is a lot of fun, but as an adult, you may be at a loss when it comes to activities.  Yes, people have parties, of course, but not everyone knows someone throwing a party.  So where else can you wear a costume?


Going out to dinner in costume can be a lot of fun, and you'll definitely generate some attention (unless, you know, everyone else is in costume too).

-The Grocery Store

My friends and I actually went to the grocery in costume a few years ago in search of pumpkin pie ice  cream.  It was, surprisingly, a hoot.  The cashier was amused, and we had blast.


Considering a lot of Walmart patrons look like they're in costume anyway (People of Walmart, anyone?), this might actually be a great place to wear a costume.


Have kids?   Get in the spirit and dress up too!  Childless?  Either try to convince an old lady with bad eyesight that you're just a tween who had an early growth spurt, or walk around in a costume for the fun of it.

-Local Halloween Events

A lot of cities host Halloween events.  Mine, for example, is having a ZombieWalk/food drive.  Maybe there's an event at your local park or zoo.  Your local paper is a great place to check for these things!

-Costume Contests

You can always find a costume contest somewhere.

-Haunted Houses

A lot of haunted houses/attractions are always looking for volunteers.  More than likely, you'll get to wear a costume.  Plus you get to scare people, which is always fun.

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