Being Thankful

Monday, November 05, 2012

Hi readers :)

I've been busy working on my NaNoWriMo novel (thankfully, I'm on track!), but I haven't forgotten about you, lovelies!

If you are on Facebook (at this point, who isn't?), I am sure you have seen this whole "30 Days of Thanks" thing going around (Day 1 - I'm thankful for my awesome husband! Day 2 - I'm thankful for my amazing kids!  and so on and so forth -- and then there are, of course, those people who decide they want to do it a week into the month, so they smush all these days into one post).

Now I'm all for being grateful.   I think everyone needs to be more grateful.  I need to be more grateful; I've been filling out an online gratitude journal every day for a couple of months now, and I feel like it has  really helped me to be a happier person with a better outlook on life.

But why do we only express our gratitude around Thanksgiving?  Shouldn't we be thankful every day?  I don't know what exactly, but something about this whole thing rubs me the wrong way; I guess it just seems like it's kind of for show or something (like "oooh, look how thankful I am, everybody!").  And I'm not saying that's the intention of everyone doing it; I think a lot of it honestly has to do with it being the latest Facebook fad.

I guess the  point of all this is that I hope you don't forget to be thankful what you have on December 1.

Have a thankful heart always <3

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  1. Personally I'm doing it to remind myself just what I have in my life to be thankful for. Too many times people underestimate what they have in their live to be grateful for and for me it makes me really think and put down in words what I take for granted. I can't speak for others but I often go through my old Facebook posts and seeing a visual reminder of what I was thankful for a month ago really will trigger it again in my mind.

    1. Have you thought about using a gratitude journal? I use Happy Rambles; I get an email every day to fill out the things I'm thankful for. It gives me something to think about every day.

  2. I've already seen people "recycling" on fb, and this is only day 5.....

  3. This is so true. I'm having a pretty rough year, so it's easy to think about what I'm NOT thankful for... I need to remember every day that there are a lot of great things I need to thank God for also.

    1. I hear you; it's been a pretty rough year for us as well, so I totally get it. But I think you're taking on the right attitude, and I highly recommend a gratitude journal -- it will force you to think every day!



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