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Friday, January 25, 2013

I've been hitting up more blog hops lately, and I've been finding some REALLY awesome blogs (now if only I could find more time to read them, lol!).

Here are some of the awesome, recently-discovered bloggers I'm loving right now.

Chelsea is funny, crafty, and, frankly, reminds me of a cooler version of me.

Her clothes. Her daughter's clothes. I just can't get enough.

Consider Me Inspired

Amy has a little bit of everything on her blog, from tutorials to recipes to link parties, and she's super involved in the blogging community, which I love.

Being a twenty something myself, I find a lot of Allie's posts really relatable, and she writes them in a refreshingly honest way. You can tell she's not trying too hard to be cool, she's just being herself.

Rebekah blogs a lot about fashion, beauty, and celebs, which are all things I love to talk about. The difference is, Rebekah does it without sounding like a snob.

Go forth, fair readers, and check these ladies out!

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhh. I've been looking to add some new blogs to my reader after ditching a few that had become duds.

  2. Some familiar face and some new ones. I like this!! Thanks for sharing!


    1. I love sharing awesome blogs with other people!

  3. awww!!! Thanks so much for the sweet shout-out!!! I love your blog too! I read your about me the other day and I also dislike feet. I'm a nurse and I will avoid feet at ALL costs.

    1. Feet are so gross. My brother and sisters are grossed out by them too. We blame our dad.



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