My Top Three Reality Competitions

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I've decided I miss my featured days of old, so I'm bringing them back, but with a couple of changes.

First, I'm not going to make myself stick to them every week. I think that's the part that was driving me nuts last time. If I do happen to do all of them every week, bully for me, but I'm not coercing myself into it.

Second, the lineup is changing a bit. Must-Have Mondays will remain the same. Tutorial Tuesday is becoming How-To Tuesday. I'm trying out the whole Wordless Wednesday thing on (duh) Wednesdays. Thursdays will be Top Three Thursdays, where I talk about my three favorite...well anything I darn well please, really. And finally, Fab Finds Friday, which is something I did a loooong time ago when I first started this blog (back then it was called Bright Blue Sun -- yeah, I don't know what I was thinking either).

But yes, onto Top Three Thursday.

My three favorite reality competition show.  Well, really, they're my favorite reality shows, but I like to specify.

1.) Project Runway

I'm an addict. It never gets old. I can watch any season of it repeatedly. I've always loved fashion (you'd never guess it by the way I dress, but I only dress that way because I'm broke, swearsies), and I love all the drama that the workroom provides. There are so many characters with so much passion, and it's just AWESOME.

2.) Top Chef

I'm SO behind on this show, because for the longest time we didn't have Bravo, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I love cooking, and seeing all their creations is truly inspiring. And, as with any good reality show, there's drama, which is always fun to watch. And there are some really hot chefs on there (like, I kind of want to be Bryan Voltaggio's groupie).

3.) America's Next Top Model

I've been watching since high school, and it's still a deliciously guilty pleasure. Yes, the concepts, the contestants, and the judges (particularly Tyra) have gotten pretty cray cray, but that just makes for better TV. I love seeing the ideas behind the photo shoots, and seeing the results at judging is my favorite part of the show. I'm always excited to see where they travel to, and I love rooting on my favorites (though, unfortunately for them, my favorites have a tendency to come in second place -- sorry Kahlen. And Joanie. And Natasha. And Chantal. And Allison. And...well, you get the picture). I could totally spend an entire weekend watching re-runs (and in college, I actually did).

So there you have it!

What are your three favorite reality shows?

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  1. I like Duck Dynasty, Impractical Jokers and Bayou Billionare

    Followed you from the blog hop!


    1. My dad LOVES Duck Dynasty. I had never seen it until we went to his house for Christmas. It was definitely entertaining!

      Thanks for the follow!



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