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Thursday, January 24, 2013

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I'm one of those people who LOVES vacations.

Unfortunately, I very rarely get to go on vacation.

As it is, for this list, I chose two trips that weren't necessarily vacations per se, but they were pleasure trips, so I figured they work :)

You may notice that there's no honeymoon, or mention of my husband, in this post. That's because he and I have never had a vacation together, honeymoon or otherwise.  We're hoping to remedy that this summer with a trip to Disney World.

1.) Houston, Texas

Hannah's view from her first plane ride
In March 2010, my friend Hannah and I went down to Texas (my first time in Texas, or west of Chicago for that matter) for the Houston Rodeo. We went because the Jonas Brothers were performing and, well, we like the Jonas Brothers (and we're totally not ashamed to admit it). I, unfortunately, left my camera in the back of our friend's car on the way to the airport, so I came out of the trip with no pictures (I'm not sure what happened to Hannah's -- this was the only one I could find on her Facebook, which contains literally thousands of pictures). We both absolutely fell in love with the city, and I want to go back badly.

2.) Gatlinburg, Tennessee

When I was in 7th grade, we went down to Gatlinburg for a long weekend. We stayed in a huge cabin (side note -- the cabin was called Rob's Knob, which we all found hilarious since my dad's name is Rob) with my dad's boss and his family, and a coworker and his family. My brother, sister and I all had kids around our ages to hang out with, which made it even more fun. I conquered my fear of heights on the Sky Lift, then had the pants scared off of me at the Ripley's haunted adventure; it legitimately ended with me running out the door -- screaming, and near tears -- while being pursued by a masked man with a chainsaw while my little sister laughed at me.  All in all, I really loved being down there. Yeah, it's touristy, but it's also fun. And peaceful. It's the only time I've ever been to the mountains. It's also the last time we went on a family vacation.

3.) Montreal, Canada

I do actually have pictures from this trip, but they're actual physical photos, and my scanner doesn't have a cord. My senior year of high school, the marching band and French club took a joint trip to Montreal. And it was awesome. Granted, it was made a lot more enjoyable by the fact that the guy I had a huge crush on had also come on the trip, and I spent quite a lot of it trying to stare at him without being obvious. It was the first time I'd ever been out of the country, the first time I'd ever been in a city so large (I didn't go to Chicago until after high school), the first time I'd ever heard native French. It was a beautiful trip. There were so many fun memories from that trip, and half of them came from our hotel room; there's just something about school trips that brings friends closer together. Montreal was beautiful, and historic, and it just felt...different. And in the few days I was there, I felt different too.

What are your most memorable vacations?

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