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Monday, February 04, 2013

So I'm not normally the kind of person who says "hey, if you have some extra money to donate to a cause, you should donate it here", because I believe that donation is a very personal thing. This is one cause, however, that I felt I needed to share.

Christie's story really hit home with me; after trying to conceive unsuccessfully for almost two years (sound familiar?), she and her husband decided to pursue adoption (something that Tom and I have wanted to pursue, but not for several years and after some biological children, God willing). They were thrilled to bring home their baby Moriah.

Moriah's birth mother ended up pregnant again, and they had planned to adopt the baby boy, but the mother decided to keep him, and they were crushed. They recently decided to try to conceive again when they got a message about a birth family looking for a family just like theirs to adopt a baby girl due in April. After a few weeks of waiting, they learned that they had been chosen to be this little girl's family.

The only problem is that adoption is really expensive. Since they weren't planning on adopting right now, they need a little financial help to bring their baby home. But I'll let Christie (who blogs over at Satisfaction Through Christ) tell your more about that.


For the full story and to read our adoption announcement post, visit here!

Today has been an emotional day, but I now know {without a doubt} that the Lord has called us specifically to bring this baby girl home.
Last night we had a $10 donation come in from a friend.  I emailed her thanking her for her donation and she quickly expressed sadness at not being able to give more.  I told her that every little bit helps...and it does.

If you're anything like me, all you've seen is $35,000 and thought, "There's no way I can help with that."  

I get it and I know -- it's so much bigger than any one of us but it's not too big for God!

This morning the Lord laid an idea on my heart and I've fought Him all day about presenting it to you, but I know that He hasn't called us to walk this road alone.  So, I'm excited to present our biggest fundraising effort yet....

Operation {Adoption} 10:10:1
10 Days: $10: 1 Baby Girl
Goal = $10,000

Our adoption agency has given us 15 days to raise the initial $10,000 we need.  The remainder will be due in increments until she is born.  But for now, we are praying for 1,000 friends to come alongside of us and donate just $10 each.  

I know $35,000 is overwhelming.  

I know $10,000 is overwhelming.

But $10 is a little less overwhelming.

So, would you commit to partnering with us and would you commit to praying for us?

If so, simply use the PayPal donation widget below (if you don't see the PayPal widget you can donate here, too).

Please leave a comment on my blog with your first name.  I'd love to use each of your names in a special project for our little girl; something she can always have to remember how many people helped bring her home.

And, if you're so moved, would you share this post?  On your blog, on social media, through email?  May the LORD be glorified in it all...

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  1. Alex,

    Thank you SO much for sharing our story! To know that we have sooo much in common is amazing and I'm so glad to connect with you in this way! Praying that you'll have the opportunity to experience all of this one day, too!

    Can't wait to help you when when the time comes!


    1. Thanks Christie! I'll be praying for you as you continue down this adoption journey, and I'm happy to be able to help!



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