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Friday, February 22, 2013


Many of you already know who I am, of course, but there have been a lot of new faces around here this week. I somehow managed to get 1200 hits the other day (I'm still not sure how that happened!) and my Wordless Wednesday link party went from 4 entries last week (its first week) to 47 entries this week! I am so grateful to everyone who linked up :)

But anyway, since I've had so many new readers this week, I thought I'd post a little bit about myself :)

I'm Alex :)

  • I'm married to Tom, who is awesome. 

  • We have an adorable dog named Archie Simpson (after Snake from Degrassi), who, contrary to popular belief, is not an abnormally long chocolate lab puppy; he's a full-grown Dachshund/Basset hound/blue heeler mix.

  • May is an important month for us: we married on the 7th (two years ago), started dating on the 15th (three years ago), I was born on the 21st (25 years ago), and Archie was born on the 26th (two years ago).
  • I'm a preschool teacher, and I absolutely love it. It can be stressful at times (2/3 of my class doesn't speak English), but it's totally worth it.
  • I am absolutely terrified of spiders.
  • I never get enough sleep. I was an insomniac even as a little kid, and that hasn't changed as I've gotten older. I've had some very unattractive dark circles going on over the past couple of weeks.
  • We've been trying to have a baby for two years. We've gone through a hysterical pregnancy and infertility, but now that I FINALLY HAVE A REGULAR PERIOD AGAIN!!!!!!! (sorry, it might have been TMI, but it's a HUGE deal for me!) we're hopeful that this is finally our year :)
  • I have two other blogs: Operation Skinny Jeans, a weight loss blog I write with my friend Jess, and Pre-K Prep School, a teaching blog.
  • I love reality competitions, especially Project Runway, ANTM, The Taste, and Top Chef.
  • My favorite foods are cereal, burritos, crab cakes, and cheesecake.
  • I'm a total nerd. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, love Doctor Who, am an avid Pokemon player, and have spent waaaaay too many hours immersing myself in the Elder Scrolls universe.
  • I love, love, love fashion, though my wardrobe doesn't particularly reflect that. I've been too broke to buy clothes, but that's going to change.
  • I have an Etsy shop where I sell digital invitations and cards.
  • I love doing yoga, and when the weather stops being such a jerkface, I'm going to attempt running.
  • My life-long dream of going to Disney World is FINALLY coming true this year, and I get absolutely giddy just thinking about it :)
Thank you so much for visiting Good Girl Gone Wife! I hope you kick off your shoes and stay awhile :)

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  1. Hiya! Nice to meet you. J/k haha. May is a special month in our house too. My bday is May 20, our marriage anniversary is the 26. : ) Hope your week is going great.

    1. Further proof that May is totally the best month :)

  2. I feel a bit stalkerish commenting on all the time but I just had to share that May is important in my family too! 5 birthdays! Both of my baby brothers have birthdays in May. The older one was born on the 21st as well!

    1. Don't feel bad! I love seeing your comments!

      5 birthdays in May is a lot! June and March are like that in my family -- in addition to extended family members in both months, my sisters have birthdays exactly two weeks apart in March, and my brothers' birthdays are four days apart in June.

    2. Oh, and strangely enough, my first boyfriend was also born on May 21st...less than 13 hours before me, actually!

  3. Archie is so cute!

    And I feel you on the insomnia... I have to take sleeping meds. :(

    1. Thanks :) I may be biased, but I agree.

      I had an Ambien prescription years ago, but it's been over five years now. I wish I had a normal inner clock.

  4. I just recently wrote a post where I am wearing that exact same hat LOL how funny!!!
    And wow!!! May is a really big month for you guys :) Thats a lot of stuff going on, but good stuff :)

    1. That's so funny! It's actually kind of an old picture (fall 2009 or winter 2010, I think), but it's one of my favorites!



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