Must-Have Monday: Home Decorating Edition

Monday, March 18, 2013

Congrats to Jess O., winner of the May Book giveaway!

I'm planning on attempting (wallet willing, lol!) to get our place a little more furnished/decorated this spring, so I thought I'd do a MHM of things I'm really wanting for our home right now.

With our new turquoise walls (I'll probably have the finished product up for Wordless Wednesday), I'm thinking of doing yellow accents. I've been really drawn to the idea of yellow and white curtains, and JoAnn didn't have anything that would work (though maybe they will as it gets warmer out). I'm pretty much in love with chevron, and I think this fabric would be fantastic. I'm wanting something graphic to really make a statement.

Our current outdoor light looks like it's probably older than me, and it's not very bright. Although we live in a rental, and the outside of the house could definitely use some sprucing up, I still think changing the light would make it look a little nicer and increase nighttime visibility.

We currently have nothing on the walls but our canvas in the hallway and a collage frame full of pics of me and my friends that I've had since before we met, so I definitely want more up there. Though we have huge windows that let in lots of light, the rooms are really small (our entire place is 700sf), so I think having mirrors up could make the rooms seem bigger. And these are fabulous, no?

I've been completely obsessed with Z Gallerie since the first (and only!) time I went to one (at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, a couple of months before we got married). I can spend hours going through their website (and I desperately want to go back to the store -- but with money this time!). Everything they have is just so awesome! I've always loved these Casablanca lanterns, especially in white; I think they'd really pop against our walls!

These letters from Urban Outfitters are SO cute! I'm completely obsessed with monogramming things, and these are a way to monogram on a large scale! I think it would be awesome to have just a G, or to spell out our last name. Or maybe an A and a T in the bedroom or something. The possibilities are endless.

What decor item are you lusting after right now?

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