Sponsor Spotlight: Jo, My Gosh!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Congratulations to Sara B. for winning the MyMemories Suite giveaway!

Today I'm very happy to introduce you to Jo, who blogs over at Jo, My Gosh!.

Jo and I had a little Q & A session, so now you guys can get to know her a little better too!

-Tell me about you and your blog.

Hi! I'm Jo, the fiancee to a sailor on a year-long deployment to Afghanistan. I started Jo, My Gosh! to share my life, care packages, recipes, crafts, and thoughts during John's deployment. I never, ever imagined that I would be a military significant other -- or, for that matter, a soon-to-be Navy wife! While this year of deployment hasn't been the easiest, it has certainly been interesting. I'd love for you to join me for the ride!

-What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I love connecting with people. Whether it's military significant others from around the country (and world!), creative crafters, or kitchen aficionados, it's fantastic to get to meet and collaborate with people I'd otherwise not have a chance to!

-What is your favorite thing to blog about?

My favorite posts are care package posts. A lot of time goes into creating each one that I send to John -- from making and baking to shopping and crafting. I really enjoy documenting them and sharing my ideas with everyone!

John & Jo
-What is your favorite post, and why?

My favorite post (so far) is "Why Panera Has My Business". I don't want to spoil the story, but it involves a very kind Panera barista, a surprise, and a care package. Every time I think about it, it reminds me how much goodness there is in the world. (Note from Alex: You seriously need to read this if you could use some warm fuzzies. It's SO heartwarming!)

-Spring is coming up! What are you most looking forward to?

There are so many awesome things that are going to happen this spring! I'll be participating in my first 8k and a Color Run 5k. I'll also be training for a long distance bike trip. And then there's all of the wedding stuff that will be coming up! There's so much to do!

Jo's all up in the social media, so there are plenty of ways to connect with her.

Thanks for sponsoring Good Girl Gone Wife this month, Jo! And you guys, seriously go check out her care package posts -- they're SO cute! She gives each care package a theme, and even decorates the boxes! I bet John loves getting them in the mail :)

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