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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Obviously, I wear glasses, and have since 8th grade. It's a good thing I do too, because I am crazy nearsighted; I can't read anything too far from my face without them!

Now for some reason, people always seem to stereotype glasses wearers as being less attractive and dorky (remember that Full House episode where Stephanie gets glasses, but thinks people will make fun of her, so she decides to try to be funny instead and Steve Urkel has to talk to her? Let's just say that was always in the back of my mind).

But anyway, people are always like "why don't you wear contacts?" or "why don't you get LASIK?" Truth is, I used to wear contacts quite a bit in high school, but then my astigmatism got worse, and they switched me to special contacts for astigmatism. I've found them uncomfortable and difficult to remove, so I just stopped wearing them all together. Heck, I got married wearing my eyeglasses.

And that's a bruise on my arm, not a birthmark. I literally had about five minutes to get ready,lol.

And you know what? I LOVE wearing glasses. I actually think that I look better with glasses than I do without them. They give me character. I adore my current pair; I feel like they're pretty perfect for my face. However, they're a few years old now (four, to be precise), and it's always better to have a backup pair just in case, so I've been thinking about buying some eyeglasses online.

Why online? you ask. This is going to sound weird, I'm sure, but although I enjoy people, I also really dislike people (I realize this makes no sense, and yet all of the sense, at the same time. I prefer to do things on my own without dealing with other people as much as possible. It's less hassle. Plus online shopping saves you a ton of time; if I buy glasses online, it saves me a trip!

That's where GlassesUSA.com comes in. They have high-quality frames at reasonable prices (as low as $38!), and even a Virtual Mirror so you can "try on" frames at home!

And guess what? You can save 10% on any order of prescription eyeglasses with the code Blog10.

This post is sponsored by GlassesUSA.com, but all opinions are mine.

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  1. :/ this post makes me sad. I used to love reading your posts that had substance or a tutorial, but this post is just an ad for a company it doesn't even seem like you have used… now all you write are link parties and ads … :(

    1. I can understand and respect that, though to be fair, I do post more than link parties and ads. I'll admit that there hasn't been a whole lot non-link-related content in the past couple of weeks (I've been crazy busy), but in the past month, I've written several posts that fit your bill (like my Oscar fashion post, S'more Pop tutorial, and my latest post about infertility).

      I have posted a few reviews lately, and I have more to post. I, personally, enjoy reading reviews -- they help me decide if a product is worth my time before I drop the money on them. I will try to space them out better though.

      To be honest, I thought long and hard before accepting the invitation to write this post. My desire to pay the bills won out over my worry about if readers would be annoyed. Since this is only my second sponsored post, I figured most readers wouldn't care. I'm sorry that you did.

      I sincerely hope that you'll remain a loyal reader, and that you'll stick around for all there is to come. -Alex



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