Tuesday, April 16, 2013

 I know I have Must Have Mondays to talk about things I like, but I want to talk about some of them now with a little feature called Currently (called such because these are current things that are relevant to my daily life right now, not necessarily just things I like but don't get to experience).

Reading: A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

I'm a HUGE fan of the show, though I haven't been able to catch up on the current season due to an unfortunate lack of HBO. I've had this book on hold for months (I would just buy it, but I'm broke, yo), so I was SO excited to finally get the chance to read it. And it doesn't disappoint. I can't wait to finish it and make my way through the series!

Drinking: Lucky Duck Moscato

This is the first bottle of wine that I've purchased in almost two years, and the only reason I did so was that it was under $4 (cheap wine is pretty much the only wine I've ever had -- I've never paid more than $10 for a bottle because, again, I'm broke, yo). It's not the best Moscato I've ever had (it's not quite as sweet as I'd like), but it's not terrible, and for $3.97, I'm not complaining.

Reminiscing About: my IAEYC Conference trip

As pathetic as it sounds, this was the closest thing I've had to a vacation since I spent a couple of days in Chicago with my girlfriends in 2011. I'm still dreaming of plush hotel beds (not to mention not having two people -- and sometimes a dog -- crammed into a full-sized bed). Hopefully the cards will work out for us to take SOME kind of trip this year, because Disney, unfortunately, is off :(

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