More Cotton Anniversary Gift Ideas

Monday, April 29, 2013

Our second anniversary is a week from tomorrow. It's crazy how fast the time has gone!

Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of extra money right now, so we're not planning to do anything gift wise (which bums me out, considering how much thought I've put into it -- maybe I'll find a way to pull something off though), and I'm just planning to cook a nice dinner for the two of us.

Anyway, I'm going to stop being a downer now and get to the good stuff -- more cotton anniversary ideas!

 photo cottonanniversarygifts_zps9c5fe2da.jpg

1.) A blank canvas. A canvas is a nice cotton gift for an artsy type.
     -Bonus gift: pairing it with new paints and/or brushes.
     -Double bonus gift: if you want to give an experience, you can pair the new supplies with a painting class!

2.) Cotton candy. Married to a kid at heart? Cotton candy is a fun, silly way to satisfy a sweet tooth.
     -Bonus gift: You can pair the cotton candy with tickets to the state fair for a fun outing together.
     -Double bonus gift: If your loved one really loves cotton candy, maybe a cotton candy machine is in order?

3.) A nice cotton dress shirt (this one is Croft and Barrow, available at Kohl's). Most people could always use a nice button down; they're classic and can be dressed up or down.
     -Bonus gift: Make reservations for a nice dinner out so that he has somewhere to wear his new shirt :)
     -Double bonus gift: Perhaps give a coordinating tie as well. My husband, at least, would love that -- he's a sucker for ties!

4.) A golf towel (like this one from Golfsmith). Got a golfer in your life? You can have a golf towel monogrammed for them so they always know which one is theirs.
     -Bonus gift: Several courses/pro shops offer gift certificates for greens fees.
     -Double bonus gift: Want to give something more? A new club might be just the ticket :)

5.) A cotton onesie (this one is from Gymboree). Expecting a little one? A cotton onesie is a fun gift for a daddy-to-be. If you haven't told him yet, it can be a cute way to announce your pregnancy.

6.) Pajamas (these Justice League pj pants are from Target). Pajamas are cozy, and I don't think I know anyone who has too many pairs.
     -Bonus gift: Breakfast in bed could be a fun surprise.
     -Bonus gift: Have a family slumber party! The two of you (plus any kiddos you may have) don your pjs, order a pizza, pop in a movie, and snuggle down with some blankets. Togetherness is always a fun gift :)

7.) A quilt. You can make one if you're crafty, but if you're not, you can always buy one (like this one from Target).
     -Bonus gift: use the quilt as a picnic blanket, and pack a romantic picnic for two.

8.) A cotton robe (this one is from Pottery Barn). A cozy plush robe always feels nice, especially warm from the dryer.
     -Bonus gift: Plan an at-home spa day!
     -Bonus gift: DIY pampering not your thing? Schedule a couples' massage.

9.) A fun cozy hat (like this Stay Puft marshmallow man hat from Spencer's). My husband's a sucker for fun hats too.
     -Bonus gift: Are you guys a couple of ski bunnies? Plan a trip to the slopes.
     -Double bonus gift: New skis or a snowboard would surely be appreciated on the hills.

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  1. These are really nice ideas!

    I love #1! Even though I can draw, I can't paint, lol. I ended up buying a 11x14 canvas of a picture from our reception last week on sale (under $20!). I can't wait to show my husband next month.

    1. I was actually going to put a canvas print on here, but decided not to at the last minute, lol. It's a great gift! (And that's an AMAZING deal you scored, girl!)

  2. Thank you for sharing this very nice post, please keep continue the sharing of this types of information. Here we are waiting for more

    1. You're welcome! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts :)

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  4. Hi, alex.. I just love your ideas! I was searching gifts items and i like your idea very much. Tomorrow is my anniversary and i would like to gift cotton stuff to my hubby along with voice message card through



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