Twitterpated: Cotton Anniversary Gifts for Sports Fans, Bibliophiles, and Foodies

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

As I mentioned last week, our 2nd anniversary is next month, so cotton anniversary gift ideas have been on my mind. Since I know I'm not the only one celebrating two years of marriage this year (some of my readers are fellow May '11 knotties -- HOLLA! And yes, that just happened), I thought I'd share some ideas. And since everyone has a different budget, I have different ideas for different price points, and they can be combined with one another if you want.

*NOTE -- most of these gifts are geared toward men, but some of them could definitely work for women :)

For The Sports Fan
  •  use cotton yarn to knit a scarf in your husband's team colors, or make him an apron (great for tailgating!) using licensed cotton fabric with his team's logo
  • a cotton t-shirt/sweatshirt/jacket/etc. to represent his favorite team
like this one, because IU is awesome
  • a shirt PLUS tickets to a game (the cost of these vary according to the team)
  • if he's a college football fan and you have the money to spend, why not surprise him with a pre-planned trip to the Cotton Bowl?
 For The Bibliophile
pretty sweet, right?
 For The Foodie
  • make a cotton picnic blanket and/or napkins
  • plan a romantic picnic (complete with cotton blanket, of course!) with gourmet foods
  • a personalized apron or chef's coat
  • a trip to New Hampshire or Louisiana, so you can dine at a restaurant named Cotton (in Manchester and Monroe, respectively)
These are just a smattering of gift ideas. Be sure to check back for more (and there will be more)!

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  1. My Boyfriend and I’s 3 year anniversary was today but he’s in Ukraine together with his Unit(he’s part of the Marine Corps Reserve) and that i desired to surprise him by having an anniversary gift as he got home but am torn between getting him Cardinals tickets which being from STL he’s a die hard fan or perhaps an Apple iphone that they continues to be wanting for any very long time…opinions please?

    Anniversary Gifts

    1. I'd say you can't go wrong with either, especially if they're both things he'd love! I'm more inclined to go with the iPhone, just because it'll get more use, but my husband also isn't a sports guy, so I might not be the best judge, lol.



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