Twitterpated: A New Series/Tradtional Anniversary Gifts

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

It occurred to me that I don't really talk about love and marriage a lot, and the fact that I'm married is obviously a major component of the fact that I "gone wife" (for those of you seething the improper grammar -- and trust me, I would have been too -- it was a reference to my blog name :]). That, coupled with thinking about the fact that our 2nd anniversary is only a month away, inspired a new series that I am calling Twitterpated.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it's from Bambi. It essentially means to be in love or smitten. Basically, this series will just focus on different aspects of love, relationships, and marriage.

My first major posts in the series will be related to cotton anniversary ideas, since our cotton anniversary is coming up and it's on my brain.

Don't know what a "cotton anniversary" means? That's okay; I'm pretty sure Tom doesn't either.

Traditionally, anniversaries have a "theme", if you will, to help guide gift giving. For example, the first anniversary is the paper anniversary, so last year, I designed some business cards for Tom. The second anniversary is the cotton anniversary, and so on and so forth. I've always been in love with the idea of these themes, ever since I was little, so I always intended to stick with them the best I can. If you think it's fun too, but don't know what theme goes with what year, never fear (Underdog is here! -- sorry, I couldn't resist). Here's a breakdown of traditional anniversary gifts in the US :)

Traditional US Anniversary Gifts

  • 1st - paper
  • 2nd - cotton
  • 3rd - leather
  • 4th - linen, silk
  • 5th - wood
  • 6th - iron
  • 7th - wool, copper
  • 8th - bronze
  • 9th - pottery
  • 10th - tin, aluminum
  • 11th - steel
  • 12th - silk
  • 13th - lace
  • 14th - ivory
  • 15th - crystal
  • 20th - china
  • 24th - opal
  • 25th - silver
  • 30th - pearl
  • 35th - coral, jade
  • 40th - ruby
  • 45th - sapphire
  • 50th - gold
  • 55th - emerald
  • 60th - yellow diamonds
  • 75th - diamonds, gold 
However, if ivory and aluminum aren't really your cup of tea, there is also a "modern" version.

Modern US Anniversary Gifts
  •  1st - clock
  • 2nd - china
  • 3rd - crystal, glass
  • 4th - appliances
  • 5th - silverware
  • 6th - wood objects
  • 7th - desk sets/pen and pencil sets
  • 8th - linens, lace
  • 9th - leather goods
  • 10th - diamond jewelry
  • 11th - fashion jewelry, accessories
  • 12th - pearls, colored gems
  • 13th - textiles, furs
  • 14th - gold jewelry
  • 15th - watches
  • 16th - silver holloware (platters, creamers, etc.)
  • 17th - furniture
  • 18th - porcelain
  • 19th - bronze
  • 20th - platinum
  • 21st - brass, nickel
  • 22nd - copper
  • 23rd - silver plate
  • 24th - musical instruments
  • 25th - silver
  • 30th - diamond
  • 35th - jade
  • 40th - ruby
  • 45th - sapphire
  • 50th - gold
  • 55th - emerald
  • 60th - diamond
  • 75th - diamond, gold
  • 80th - diamond, pearl
  • 85th - wife's birthstone
As if that weren't enough, there are even traditional flowers (which is helpful for forgetful guys, I suppose!).

Traditional Anniversary Flowers 
  •  1st - carnation
  • 2nd - liliy of the valley
  • 3rd - sunflower
  • 4th - hydrangea
  • 5th - daisy
  • 6th - calla lily
  • 7th - freesia
  • 8th - lilac
  • 9th - bird of paradise
  • 10th - daffodil
  • 11th - tulip
  • 12th - peony
  • 13th - chrysanthemum
  • 14th - dahlia
  • 15th - rose
  • 20th - aster
  • 25th - iris
  • 28th - orchid
  • 30th - lily
  • 40th - gladiolus 
  • 50th - yellow rose, violet
What anniversary are you celebrating this year?

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  1. This year my husband and I are celebrating our Bronze anniversary. I am excited for this series cannot wait to see what you all come up with for your anniversary. I think it's a great idea.

    1. Thanks! I hope I can live up to your expectations :) Congrats on 8 years!

  2. We are celebrating our cotton anniversary too (Go May 2011 Brides!!!). I have no idea what to give my Husband. Last year, I made love coupons and framed our wedding lyrics. So this year, I have to be creative!

    I will be looking forward to your future posts! :-)

    1. Hopefully some of my ideas can help you out a bit too!

  3. We celebrated cotton back in December, so this year it'll be leather. Thanks for posting the anniversary flower list, I've never heard of those!

    1. I hadn't either, but it's pretty interesting, isn't it? I like how varied it is, with a mix of common and less common flowers.

  4. I love the word twitterpated. I say it all the time!

    1. Isn't it great? I used it on my personal FB page a couple of months ago and had to keep explaining what it meant.

  5. We celebrated our second anniversary (cotton/china) in October. I got my husband a little bear made out of China :)

    This year obvious will be leather/crystal/glass. I love themes too!!

    1. I know some people think they're silly, but I just think they're fun!



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