Weekend Update

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Okay, so there's no Seth. Or Amy. Just me.

It was kind of quiet around GGGW this weekend (though I somehow managed to remember to get Lazy Sunday up before the chaos of Sunday happened). I've been BUSY. Mostly good, fun busy though, so I'm not complaining :)

Friday night after I got done nannying, we went to the gym. Normally, we both just do cardio, but last week I decided I wanted to start incorporating some strength training, and Friday I went all out. Arms, legs, abs, glutes, back -- I did it all. And I can still feel it today, lol (mostly just in my abs). The biggest beast of all was the hip abduction machine. It looks fairly tame (you basically just open your legs wide -- all slutty like -- while pressing against some pads with your legs), but HOLY BURNING BUNS, BATMAN! (and yes, I totally recycled that from my Instagram feed). I don't think I've FELT that much burn at the gym before!

After the gym, we came home and had a much-needed movie night. We watched Friends with Kids (not terrible, but not as good as I'd hoped it would be) and Butter (better than I expected it to be). We had snacks and snuggled and just had a nice, calm night together.

Saturday we went to the gym again (we do that a lot now, lol). I was super sore from the night before, so I just did half an hour on the treadmill and then tried the Total Body Enhancement for the first time. It's actually really neat, and I plan to take advantage of it every time I go to the gym. It's a combination of red light therapy, which is supposed to help with skin imperfections (acne, stretch marks, elasticity, etc.), and Vibra Shape technology, which is a platform you stand on that vibrates at different intensities. It's supposed to help increase circulation and flexibility, as well as act as an exercise for specific muscle groups depending on which program you choose (there are four). I'm excited to see what (if anything) changes as I continue to use it!

Tom didn't feel like staying inside all day after that (it was one of the first beautiful days we'd had in a long time), so I went to the store and grabbed some ingredients for a picnic in the park. We went to the park nearest our house (we usually go to a specific park for everything, so I'm trying to branch out a bit) and feasted on French bread, white cheddar, cold chicken, spinach dip, cantaloupe, and citrus beverages (orange juice for him, raspberry lemonade for me). It was delicious and perfect for that day. We laid out on a blanket as the sun peeked out and just talked. I can see this happening a lot more while the weather is nice :)  When we got home, Tom suggested another movie night, so we spent our evening with popcorn and Netflix.

Sunday was ridiculously busy. We dropped Archie off at Tom's parents' so he could hang out with their dogs since we'd be gone all day, then headed off to a busy day crisscrossing Indianapolis. We had a baby shower to attend on the east side, but had to stop and pick up a friend on the south side on the way. Then we went to the west side, where we went to probably the fanciest grocery store I've ever been in (a super fancy Marsh -- we don't have anything like it here!) to get drinks before going to Tom's friend's place to watch Wrestlemania (have I mentioned that I hate wrestling? I normally just make comments about what they're wearing or how I feel they should change their gimmicks). Then we went back to the south side to take our friend back home, back to my in-laws' for Archie, and FINALLY got home around 1:30am. I went to bed immediately.

And this week? I'm going to be just as busy. I leave Wednesday night for Indianapolis (again!) because this week is the IAEYC (Indiana Association for the Education of Young Children) conference, so I'll be spending all day Thursday and Friday in sessions learning things to help me be a better teacher :) (there are sessions Saturday as well, but I have a previous engagement). We get to stay in a fancy hotel. I love fancy hotels :)

Don't worry though; I won't leave you hanging. I've got some posts for you (some new stuff and maybe one from the vault) while I'm gone (and I'll blog all about it when I get back, of course!).

What did you do this weekend? Anything going on this week?

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  1. I had a nice relaxing weekend... there should be many of them in my future. Loving this weather!

    1. Thankfully the weather was just as good today. Hopefully it stays like this and doesn't get cold again!

  2. I watched Butter the other week, too. I was really disappointed! I had really high hopes for the movie and it just fell flat to me. Glad you enjoyed it though!

    1. It really made me want to carve butter, lol.



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