Happy 2nd Birthday, Good Girl Gone Wife!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

You may remember last year's blogiversary post where I gave some stats and answered some questions, and I'm doing the same thing this year, but with a twist -- this year, I'm answering all of your questions via vlog! It's a little (okay, maybe a lot) long, but I wanted to make sure I answered all of your questions!

But first, some stats!

Number of posts: 325 (up from 108 a year ago, which means I've written 217 posts in the past year)

Number of comments: 1334 (up from 72! So in the past year, I've gotten 1262 comments -- you guys ROCK!)

Number of hits: 86,373 (up from 9,230; I knew the blog had grown, but I didn't realize it had grown that exponentially!)

Most popular post: Wordless Wednesday -- What I Did At Work

Number of hits: 8087 (for perspective, my most popular post a year ago had 296 hits)

Most-searched term that leads to my site: "project runway logo" ("eShakti reviews" is a close second)

Biggest readership outside of the U.S.: China (Ni Hao!)

I'm really gobsmacked by how much these numbers have changed from a year ago! I knew there was a substantial difference over the past two years, but I didn't realize the blog had grown that much just over the past year! And I owe it all to you! Thank you so much for being a Good Girl Gone Wife reader, and actually reading the crazy things that come out of my brain!
But now, on to the answers to your questions! I'll admit that I tend to get a bit sidetracked, so try not to be too weirded out when I go off on tangents about how my sister thinks I talk or that my husband and I won't be making a sex tape (because yeah, that kind of gets brought up. I'm weird like that).

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! None of this would be possible without YOU!

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