Sugar 'n Spice VoxBox Review

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I originally wanted to vlog this, but I'm sick, and my voice is pretty much completely gone. Like, I literally can barely manage a low whisper half the time. No bueno. That's also why I didn't use photographs I took myself; I figured if ever there was a time it was okay to be lazy, it's now.

But anyway, as you may know, I'm an Influenster member. I qualified for the Sugar 'n Spice VoxBox program, so I received a complimentary box with full-size products in it for testing purposes. I was able to vlog my first impressions when I received the box, and all in all, I'm pretty happy with what I received.

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, Toothbrush, and Mouthwash

 The toothbrush is by far my favorite part. I've been using an electric Oral-B for awhile, but I actually felt like this got my teeth cleaner. It has these little bristle cups, and a tongue/cheek scraper. I'm pretty sure I might have gingivitis, because sometimes my gums bleed when I brush (TMI? Maybe. But I've talked about my reproductive system enough that this shouldn't be too bad), but they haven't bled at all with this brush.

The toothpaste is a good kind of minty, and it always leaves my mouth feeling (and  smelling!) fresh. I haven't used it consistently since I've gotten (I often use my Aquafresh when I'm stumbling around in the morning), so I haven't had major whitening, but I have had some noticeable whitening, which is always nice.

I'm not crazy about the mouthwash. It's supposedly the same flavor as the toothpaste, but I don't think they taste anything alike. The mouthwash's flavor is just not appealing to me. I use it though for the sake of its whitening prowess.

NECTRESSE Natural No Calorie Sweetener

Nectresse boasts natural ingredients, so I was intrigued. When I checked the ingredients though, the main ingredient is erythritol. Erythritol is something that can be naturally found in fruit, but sweetener companies ferment it from corn riddled with GMOs, which doesn't make it as natural as they'd like to make us think. As such, I only used it once in a glass of tea. It was sweet, and didn't have the chemical aftertaste many sweeteners have, but I think I'll stick to my natural sweeteners.

belVita Breakfast Biscuits, Cinnamon Brown Sugar flavor

 These tout that they give you sustained energy. I don't know about that, but they were pretty tasty! They tasted like a mix of a snickerdoodle and a ginger snap. They also come in convenient little 4-packs, so you can just grab them and go, which makes them perfect for breakfast or a snack on the run.

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes

 The only downside with these (to me, anyway), is the smell of witch hazel. I really don't like the smell of witch hazel, and, of course, these reek of it. I use them anyway though, because they're awesome. I keep them in my gym bag, and after gettin' my sweat on, the coolness feels amazing. They help control oil (obvs), and leave my skin feeling soft, never dry. I'd recommend these in a heartbeat.

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer

This is by far my favorite item in the box. I keep this in my gym bag too, and I love using it. The spray is so much easier to apply than trying to lotion up your legs. It goes on and dries in seconds. My skin never feels greasy, just soft, and it looks better after I use it. The smell is pleasant without being overpowering. I totally intend to buy some more once my bottle (can?) runs out!

I'm really pleased with my first VoxBox, and I look forward to seeing what's in future VoxBoxes (even if I don't get them -- it's just fun to see!).

If you're an Influenster who received the Sugar 'n Spice VoxBox, what was your favorite item?

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  1. I didn't get this box but I've gotten several that I've loved. Not sure I would have used any of the items in this box though.

    1. I was surprised that I liked the products so much. What do you think is your favorite product you've received?



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