Websites I Can't Seem To Tear Myself Away From

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Ah, the internet. It's everyone's favorite timesuck. Well, everyone except my grandma. And my in-laws. But definitely for everyone else. 

There are a few ways in particular that I've been wasting time lately, and once you get sucked in, it's awfully hard to get out (though if you're anything like me, you won't entirely mind).

Okay, so this one is less a website and more a Facebook game (well, it is a Facebook game), but I'm constantly playing it in my spare time. Out of all the "Saga" games I've played (including Candy Crush, Bubble Witch, Bubble, Farm Heroes, Hoop de Loop, and Papa Pear -- and yes, I'm okay with it if you're thinking "Wow, this chick has problems" right about now, though to be fair, I only play half of them regularly), this one is by far my favorite. You basically just match up sections of colored blocks, while trying to rescue pets (bet you didn't see that one coming, eh?). It's fun and addictive.

This is a website dedicated to blogger-related snark. Now, it might seem that as a blogger, this wouldn't be something I would necessarily want to take part in, but I love it. It's an absolute hoot. They generally only snark on bloggers that act like total douchecanoes or condescending pyschos, and a lot of it (though not all of it) is well-deserved. Because there are a lot of total douchecanoe blogger cliques out there (but that's a rant for another day). I haven't participated in the forums, but I really love reading them. I just spent like the last two weeks or so reading a 200+ page thread about a particular mommy blogger that was well worth the time I invested. And yeah, sometimes some of the comments can get mean-spirited, but everyone tries to keep one another in check so that they're not being too mean. Besides, most of it is true.

I just found this blog today, but I can't stop reading it (in fact, I had to make myself stop reading just to write this post!). The name is pretty self-explanatory -- it's just reviews of each episode of Full House. Except that it's written by a guy who HATES Full House. I LOVE Full House, and have for pretty much my whole life, and this blog is cracking me up.

A few lines I've encountered so far (though the best stuff isn't exactly PG -- if profanity offends you, this is not the website for you):

"Joey gets hit on the head with a falling coconut, which is the greatest moment in the whole series."

"That was the season premiere, you guys.  That was supposed to get us excited about the rest of the season.  I feel upset."

" Rebecca Donaldson explains to DJ that even though she’s broken up with Jesse they can still go horseback riding and she’ll be there to teach her about tampons and stuff."

"Kimmie seems to have a moment of clarity in which she recognizes how stupid and lame everything the full house stands for is and unabashedly disses DJ and the whole party.  I’m surprised it’s taken Kimmie Gibbler so long to realize how much cooler she is than everyone on this show…"

Have you visited (and become addicted to!) any of these? What's your most addictive website?

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  1. ANY facebook game really haha

    1. Isn't that the truth? I can't tell you how many I've played over the years!



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