What I'm Really, Truly, Loving Right Now

Thursday, May 09, 2013

This isn't going to be like a Must-Have Monday post where I'm like "OMG I LOVE THIS BLOG!" or "SERIOUSLY, HOW ADORBS IS THIS FOREVER 21 SWEATER?!?!". It's just simple things that are making me super happy right now.

  • The fact that I can listen to (almost) anything on Spotify. Sometimes, you just need to listen to Ed Sheeran's "+" over and over, because every single bit of it is brilliant and beautiful.
  • That the last day of school is a week from today. I love teaching, and I love my kids, but I need a break. This girl is way too stressed out right now.
  • That Little J (the oldest of the two kids I nanny for, and also a student in another class at my school) brought me roses at our spring program tonight. It was so sweet of her parents to do that! Her mom is pretty much the most thoughtful person I've ever met. And I LOVE getting flowers. I haven't gotten any since my 23rd birthday, so it was a nice little surprise.
  • That we only had one kid run crying off the stage! (If you knew my kids, you'd understand why that's a big deal).
  • The library. I hadn't been in a month or so, but I went yesterday and picked up A Clash of Kings and some infertility books. I need to spend the summer reading like I did when I was a kid (and if you think that's dorky, believe me when I say I did waaaay dorkier things as a child on summer vacation).
  • That I'm actually going to be able to go out and do some things in the next couple of weeks! Dinner at The Melting Pot with my dad next weekend, brunch with my coworkers at a restaurant I love a couple of days later, then going to the Indianapolis Zoo with my best friend on my birthday. I <3 the zoo like woah.
  • Ice cream. I don't have any, but it makes me happy :)
What's making you happy today?

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  1. Zoos are one of my absolutely happiest places! :)

    1. Mine too! I really, really wanted to get married at the zoo, but we couldn't afford it. Maybe we can make it work for our vow renewal, since my husband hates my vow renewal ideas, lol.



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