At The Zoo

Monday, June 10, 2013

Thursday, I FINALLY got to go back to the Indianapolis Zoo (I hadn't been in seven years). Unfortunately, Tom didn't get to go (he was at work), but we're hoping to go together soon. I went with my best friend, her son, her mom, and her nephew; though there were a few stumbles along the way (High gas prices! Lost phones! A case of the gimmes!), we had a great time.

I LOVE the Zoo. I actually wanted to get married there, but we couldn't afford it (though I'm not discounting it for our vow renewal, especially since Tom hates all my vow renewal ideas). The Indy Zoo is great because in addition to the zoo, your ticket includes admission to the White River Gardens. I had never been able to see the gardens before, and though we had to rush through them this time, they were GORGEOUS. My pictures seriously didn't do them justice.

Fun fact: the Indy Zoo was the first to successfully artificially inseminate an elephant.

But anyway, onto some pictures :)

We began our visit by touring the Oceans pavilion.

Jellyfish are beautiful. The little one on the right looks like a jellyfish from Spongebob Squarepants.

I've always been a fan of seahorses. In fact, when I had to write my first Young Authors' Conference book in first grade, it was about a seahorse (with the incredibly clever title of Bubbles the Seahorse -- cut me some slack, I was six). These seahorses kept nuzzling one another, and it was adorable.

This tortoise was so playful. He kept trying to climb up the enclosures to get to the people.

I never expected to get such a clear shot of the tiger, but it was pretty much posing for me. I love tigers; they're so beautiful and graceful. Plus their paws are really freaking cute.

This dog, a Kangal named Solo, was one of the biggest dogs I have ever seen in my life. HUGE. Apparently, they protect livestock in Africa from cheetahs.

This baby elephant was seriously one of the cutest things I'd ever seen. She looked so happy, splashing, spraying, and rolling around in the mud. I took SO many pictures of her.

The White River Gardens is currently holding a butterfly exhibit where the butterflies get to fly freely all around the conservatory. They were so beautiful, and it was so cute to see the little kids trying to interact with them.

I wish I could have gotten this butterfly with its wings open. They were an absolutely gorgeous shade of blue on the inside.

There were all sorts of butterflies with really interesting markings that I had never seen before.

One of the (several) peaceful reflecting pools in the Water Garden.

There's an absolutely gorgeous ivy-covered gazebo that I think would be the absolute perfect place for a proposal. It was breathtaking.

These little frog fountains added a fun touch of whimsy to the garden :)

I just went four days ago, and I already can't wait to go back!

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  1. I've been to the Cincy Zoo twice already this summer... I need to make it to Indy Zoo soon!

    1. I've never been to the Cincinnati Zoo, but if you've already been twice this summer, I'm guessing it's pretty good :) We've talked about taking a long weekend to Cincy sometime soon, so I think we'll try to incorporate the zoo in :)

  2. So fun! Yeah gas prices are ridiculous right now! $4.25 is nuts, esp when that price is higher than any other region in the US. Stupid refineries!

    I loooooooved young author's conference when I was in school!

    1. At least they're finally back down now (and I realize I'm horribly late to responding to these -- yikes!). When I was in Missouri/Texas/etc., gas was often $3.15. I know it's not a whole lot more here now, but wouldn't that be awesome?



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