I Get Irrationally Irritated By Commercials

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Commercials aren't exactly vying to be great television, but I feel like the current crop of advertisements is full of commercials that are A.) ridiculously stupid, B.) insanely annoying, and/or C.) insulting. I'm pretty sure I've complained about at least two on my personal Facebook page in the past month.

Here are a smattering of commercials I wish would just GET OFF MY TELEVISION, ALREADY!!!:

The KFC "I Ate The Bones" commercials

I really, REALLY hate these commercials. They're ridiculous. Who on earth is going to believe that you've been sitting there eating a chicken leg whole? If you're eating the bones, YOU'RE GOING TO KNOW IT!!!!!!!! Ugh.

Cuties commericals


When I lived with my grandma, we went through Cuties like it was our job. As adult women. It always irks me that they say "Cuties are for kids." YOU KNOW WHAT, CUTIES? CUTIES ARE FOR GROWNUPS TOO!!!

Red Robin commercials


I don't really know why I dislike these commercials so much. There's just something about that chick that makes me want to smack her. (I did say I get irrationally irritated).

Acuvue "One Day" commercials


I really hate these commercials.They imply that people with glasses don't have the confidence to do anything. You know what? I PREFER my glasses. My stupid astigmatism contacts bother my eyes in ways that my non-astigmatism contacts didn't, and I actually think I look better in my glasses than I do without them. The only thing my glasses have ever held me back from is seeing properly in the rain (since I take them off if I'm umbrella-less). And sometimes wearing sunglasses.

But I've talked to boys in my glasses. Heck, I married my husband in my glasses. I got a job I love in my glasses. I drive with my glasses. Glasses aren't going to salt your game, no matter what Acuvue wants you to think.

So yeah, I think those commercials suck

And don't even get me started on last year's Target commercials. Oy vey.

What commercials do you wish would just go away already?

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  1. What drives me crazy about television commercials is that they're louder than regular programming so I have to turn the tv down during them. What's up with that?!



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