Vacation Recap Part 3

Thursday, July 11, 2013

So yes, I realize that it's probably a little ridiculous that this is now a three parter, but I figured it was easier to break it up than to try to shove everything into one post.

Need to play catch up?

Part One

Part Two

When we last left off, Hannah and I had FINALLY gotten into the Hilton Anatole, where we fell asleep a little after 4am. The next morning, I wanted to go check out the gift shops. I still had thank you cards to send out to some students, but I thought it would be really fun to send them postcards from Dallas. I ended up getting some postcards and a Dallas magnet (I collect magnets from places I travel). When I got back to the room, Hannah was awake, so we got dressed and headed out to eat.

I got to see my first glimpse of Dallas during the daytime. Dallas is very shiny.

We went past a hot dog shop with the creepiest hot dog I have ever seen outside of it.

And finally we made it to our destination, Chuy's.

Now we had been intrigued about Chuy's since we went to Houston a few years ago. A woman we went to church with raved about it. My sisters raved about it. But we didn't get to go while we were there. Since then, Hannah had been, but I hadn't, and she was determined that this time, I would. And we did.

And holy delicious, Batman.

I got fish tacos, and they were the best fish tacos I had ever had. They also had this creamy jalapeno dip that was AMAZING. Now, I'm not into jalapenos; I've always thought they were too spicy for me. But this dip was awesome. It tasted more like avocado ranch (which I LOVE). It was good on chips, good on the tacos, and good on the beans and rice. I'm fairly certain it would taste amazing on anything.

Afterward, we went to Walmart, where we spent entirely too much time (both in store and in the parking lot) because Hannah wanted to make a sign. We ended up getting to the venue, which was at the State Fairgrounds. We saw the Texas Star, the giant ferris wheel; I wish we would have been able to ride it!

The show was awesome again. I somehow forgot to mention this, but after the Houston show, Olivia Somerlyn and Alexa Vega (Carmen from the Spy Kids movies -- she's dating Carlos) came down into the pit and started dancing along next to us. Olivia introduced herself while Alexa was filming BTR, and we all just kind of partied together. It was surreal. They came down again in Dallas (and in Oklahoma, but I wasn't down there).

After the show, we were going to meet Olivia and Jackson Guthy, since they were both holding meet and greets. We hopped in Olivia's line and got to talking to her band members, James, Wayne, and AJ, who are crazy super nice. Jackson's line was moving more quickly, so we hopped in his line, thinking we'd hop back in Olivia's afterward. Jackson was really nice; he apologized for the wait in line and took an instant picture with each and every fan he met (which must have been crazy expensive). Afterward, we went to get in Olivia's line, but security made us leave.

We were hungry, so we grabbed some Jack in the Box and ate in our beds at the hotel (which is one of my favorite parts about staying in a hotel -- there's just something so fun about eating in a big, fluffy bed!). Hannah went to bed, but I decided to explore the hotel. The Hilton Anatole has an extensive art collection, and I was eager to see it! These are some of my favorite pieces/decorations I saw.

Chinese camel figure done in brown & celadon jade

Chinese pottery horse

"The Right Light" bronze sculpture
I just really liked these chairs

Marble Moghul Baradari Pavilion, 18th century India

Thai elephant carved from a monkey pod tree

White Stone Deity Astride A Lion (Chinese sandstone figurine)

an askew picture of a way more impressive in person Peacock Lacquerware Screen with Inlays (includes ivory, mother of pearl, coral, jade, agate, malachite, lapis, and amethyst)

closeup of a flower

closeup of the peacock feathers
It was really hard to narrow it down to just these pictures -- the art is so beautiful!

The fourth and final part of the trip will be up tomorrow :)

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