Meet Luna

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our little family of three has become a little family of four!

our little lu :) (and I do wash my windows -- all that ickiness is on the inside, and it's hard to get to on our way-older-than-me windows)

Luna first appeared on my Instagram feed three months ago. She started showing up on our porch most nights of the week, and my heart broke for her.  Tom is allergic to cats, but she warmed even his heart, and after a week or so, he said that if she didn't have a home, he'd be willing to go on allergy meds so we could take her in. She had a collar (albeit an old, worn one), so I figured she had an owner, but I decided if she was still coming back a week later, I'd take her to the shelter to see if she was microchipped. She was indeed coming back a week later, but she had on a new collar, so I gave up on taking her in.

She would still show up on our porch most nights, and even followed us into the entry a few times. Then we found out that she belonged to our awful neighbors downstairs. I was tempted to take her anyway, because they were pretty awful and seemed neglectful of their dog (who they would leave home alone for extended lengths of time, and then he'd bark all night because he was lonely). Plus having an outdoor cat in the city without a fully-fenced yard seems really irresponsible; there are so many ways she could have been hurt. I decided against  taking her though, because they had a little girl, and I hated the thought of her wondering what happened to her kitty.

But it turns out she might be wondering anyway.

They moved at the beginning of July, and we hadn't seen her since. We figured they took her with them.

But they didn't.

They left her behind.

This poor little cat has been living on her own for a month and a half, and miraculously survived with only a little thinned out fur. She showed up again Thursday, but left pretty quickly. Friday, the same thing happened. We decided then that when she showed up again, we'd take her in. Saturday I went to Petsmart to pick up Archie's food, and got some cat supplies while I was there. When we got home Saturday night, there she was. She came right in the door and started climbing the stairs.

I figured she was hungry, so I gave her some food, which she devoured. She then got a flea bath (just in case!) and a sparkly new collar. Archie was a little jealous of the attention she was getting, and it was really late (we had been at the drive-in), so Tom and Archie slept in the living room, and Luna and I slept in the bedroom. She explored for a bit before curling up in a little ball at my feet, and stayed that way through the night :)

Since then, they're getting along much better, though we're still going to keep them separated when we're not home for a few days. Archie is being gently curious with her, and she puts him in his place when he's being a douchecanoe. Plus, her favorite room is also the kitchen, so it's like they were born to be fursiblings!

As for her name, it came to me when I was at the pet store. Tom named Archie after Archie "Snake" Simpson from the various Degrassi series, so I thought I'd keep with the character naming tradition. She gets two awesome references in her name. There's the Sailor Moon reference (Luna guides the Senshi in the form of a black cat for the most part), and, of course, a major Harry Potter reference, since her full name is Luna Lovegood Green.

She's been a wonderful addition to our family. She seems to have a calming  presence on all of us (even Archie!), and we love knowing that we're giving her a home. She's sweet, and playful, and does some pretty funny things (for example, Sunday, she climbed onto the bottom shelf of the TV stand, and Archie started freaking out because he couldn't see her anymore. He was looking around trying to find her, and she popped out like she was at a surprise party).

It's been over a decade since I've had a cat, but it's awfully nice to have one again :)

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  1. Awwww! I'm so glad you were able to take her in! Archie will get used to her. I have two cats and I've fostered countless numbers of dogs - all of which I've been able to deem "cat-safe". The key is to let her keep her claws. Also, she's a cat so she can get up high if he annoys her too much. LOL.



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